Here in Canada, there are plenty of ideal locations where you can go camping. From provincial to national parks, there are several places to choose from. Besides, you can also decide if you want to go on a mountain or lake camping trip. If you have decided to perform this exciting activity, either alone or with friends, it is vital to prepare the complete camping gear. Make sure to bring tents or hammocks, survival tools, and other essential camping items.


Essential Survival Items


For outdoor camping, a good plan is crucial. You have to decide where and when you will do this activity. Besides, you also need to prepare all the camping essentials for the trip. However, no matter how prepared you are, there may be unexpected events that might happen. You might get confused on the trail while you are hiking or acquire injuries while doing some activities. It would be better if you are ready for any unwanted circumstances. Check out the following survival items:

Compass and Map - Even though you may already be familiar with the camping location, it is ideal to bring a compass and map. Although devices with GPS are essential tools, it would still be better if you have a road map and a topography map. Try to bring a lightweight one so that it would be easier to carry them at any time.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries - Flashlights are essential items, especially if you are going on overnight camping. They serve as your portable light whenever and wherever you need them. It is also crucial to bring extra batteries. If you are using a rechargeable flashlight, make sure they are fully charged.

Fire Starter - When it comes to outdoor camping, a fire starter is a must-have. It is one of the most important things that you should include in your checklist. A fire starter is a helpful tool that you can use to cook your food and to keep the wild animals away from the campground. Other than these uses, it also provides warmth to survive the cold weather, especially when camping at night. Matches, lighters, and fire sticks could be your options for fire starters. When packing them, it is necessary to place them in a waterproof container such as zip locks to keep them dry. Make sure to be responsible when using fire at your campground. Don't forget to put it out after use to avoid forest fires and other accidents.

First Aid Kit - Accidents may happen anytime, so make sure to bring a first aid kit that contains all the necessary items which are needed to heal wounds. Also, bring medicines for headaches, LBM, and other common sicknesses that you might acquire. The first aid kit should be accessible at all times, so bring a portable and lightweight bag. Familiarize yourself with some emergency procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It is a lifesaving technique that can be used for emergencies, including heart attack and near-drowning.

Multi-Tool - One of the most portable tools that you can have for your camping trip is a multi-tool. It is a versatile item with many uses. It can help you accomplish numerous tasks like cutting, sanding, and scraping. Make sure that you have a multi-tool in your survival kit.

Paracord - If you need something to tie tools to your belt, make splints, or create slings for injured limbs, then you can make use of paracords. A paracord is a durable and versatile multi-filament nylon cord with plenty of uses. Usually, this item has a breaking strength of 550 pounds. Paracords are lightweight materials, but they have many applications and benefits not only to campers.

Portable Water Filtration - Although you may bring water as part of your supplies, it is vital to bring a portable water filtration. It is beneficial, especially if your water supply runs out. You'll never know if the campsite has clean water, so having a filtration system is a must.

Quality Knife - You should also consider having a quality and knife during your camping trip. It is because it can be used in many ways, which include but are not limited to cutting things and sharpening sticks. A knife is not only a survival tool, but it is also a kitchen item that you can use when cooking food. Try to bring a durable survival knife that can cut even tough materials. When camping with kids, remember to keep it from them to avoid injuries.

Signal Mirror - It is essential to bring a signal mirror, whether you are camping on an island or not. It is a vital survival tool that can help you if you get lost. Many individuals can attest to the effectiveness of the signal mirror. It has been rated to be one of the most effective daylight-signalling devices, which can be seen from up to 100 miles away. The signal mirror should be kept in a secure place to prevent damage. 

Survival Whistle - It is highly recommended to keep a whistle around your neck, which you can use when you get lost. Know that your voice might not be heard if you are in a remote location; that's why having a whistle is a must-have. You can blow a whistle to grab the attention of the people who are near your area. For convenience, you can use a plastic whistle because it is more lightweight and is not susceptible to rust.

Many people consider camping as an excellent way to enjoy weekends. It is because it is an adventurous way to explore different places. If you love to venture out and visit your country's breathtaking sceneries, make sure that you are equipped with complete gears and survival tools. Your camping trip will become memorable if you are prepared at all times.