Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. Tips on How to Have a Cozy Online Learning Set-up

    Tips on How to Have a Cozy Online Learning Set-up

    en before the COVID-19 pandemic, some students were already taking online classes.This mode of learning offers several advantages. Among these are providing flexible schedules for working students and having more time to spend with their family. Now that there is a pandemic, some schools have adopted online learning to cater to their students. If you are a student and new to this kind of set-up, you may find it challenging to become productive in your studies. One way to increase your motivation is by creating a cozy online learning set-up.

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  2. 7 Interesting Hobbies to Try This Pandemic

    7 Interesting Hobbies to Try This Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been the reason why many people, even up to this day, are required to stay home. Although it has brought challenges, the pandemic has also provided opportunities to cherish every moment with our family and friends. For sure, you have already given a chance to take a break and do the things you love at home. But staying at home for months could be tedious, especially if you are tired of watching tv series or checking daily notifications in your social media accounts. Worry not because this article will help you explore other exciting activities that you could be passionate about.

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  3. 8 Decluttering Tips for Your Home This Quarantine Period

    8 Decluttering Tips for Your Home This Quarantine Period

    Nowadays, staying at home is still advised because there is still a pandemic. Despite this situation, you can still be productive. Would it be better to use your spare time to make your home cozier? Besides, it's not too late to have a decluttering project and organize your space. You don't need to hire an interior designer to do these activities because there are simple ways to achieve a more comfortable and refreshing home

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  4. Best Lake Campgrounds in Alberta

    Best Lake Campgrounds in Alberta

    Camping is indeed fun and exciting. Not only is it an excellent form of family bonding, but it is also a great way of relaxation. You can do many activities at the campsite, from boating and fishing to hiking and mountain climbing. Aside from these thrilling activities, there are more recreations that you can do to unwind. Besides, you may choose to do family-friendly activities to help the kids have a wonderful camping experience. Alberta can provide you with a long list of available destinations perfect for solo or family camping.

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