Best Upcycling Ideas to Try at Home

As the world continuously ventures towards globalization, it is not a hidden fact that solid waste is one of the major problems that we are facing now. Year by year, the amount of solid waste that is being collected is gradually increasing. Thus, it creates an alarm to the people because of the adverse effects it brings to the environment. It is something to be addressed to avoid greater risks to humans.


When it comes to solid waste management, the first three words that could pop up in your mind are reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are also known as the three Rs. Many people and countries have been practicing these principles. It can help minimize the production of solid waste and maximize the utilization of the products. These days, aside from the three Rs, another emerging trend that can help save the environment is upcycling.


What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of creating a new purpose for the items that have already completed their initial tasks. For example, a plastic bottle is used to hold the water for easier consumption in the beginning. After finishing its content, there is no more use for the bottle. You can also use the three Rs in this example. Instead of purchasing a bottle of water, you can opt to bring your tumbler. This is how you reduce the use of plastic bottles. Filling it up again with water is how you can reuse it. Sending it to a facility that makes it into a new water bottle is what you call recycling. 


But if you bring it home, cut it in half, fill it with soil and hang it in the garden as a planter, then it is upcycling. Other than the waste products, it can also be done to your old items sitting on the corner of your house. It is your way of giving a new life to the things that may have lost their purpose throughout the years. There are so many projects that you can do inside your home. Here are some upcycling ideas depending on which part of the house you want to do them.


In the Kitchen


#1 Wooden cutting boards can easily be worn out. Bacteria can build up in between the seams created when slicing. Before those bacteria cause sickness to the family, have it as a wall decoration. You can engrave letterings on it and put varnish to enhance its natural colours. If you like to have recipes beside you when cooking, you can have it as a clipboard for the printed recipes or stand for the cookbooks.


#2 Some people like to reuse plastic utensils by washing them after eating. Still, they have limitations on how many times they can be used. If you're crafty enough, you can have these as a medium for your next sculpture or portrait. They can serve as an art installation inside your house. You can also do it for other household items that you think will work together with your art.


#3 The lighting in the kitchen sets the mood whenever people are dining. Some people have become so creative that they made kitchen items into lighting fixtures. It includes pots, strainers, bowls, and even appliances like old blenders. If you are not technically inclined, you can make simple lighting using a teacup. You can use the old ones as candleholders. Or you can pour candle wax directly into it to have teacup candles. It will be perfect for a candlelight dinner.


In the Living Room


#1 A vintage television already has its character because it has travelled over time. Restoring it will be enough to capture the attention of your guests. It may be a little pricey, and it may not function the same way as modern television does. Alternatively, you can add another character to it by having fish inside it. Proper research can remodel it into an aquarium.


#2 Having the same design for your throw pillows could be boring, especially if you only have two sets. With some sewing skills, you can have your old clothes to be the cover of your pillows. It can be your casual clothes like shirts and sweaters or formal ones with button-downs.


#3 From closet items, you can also have bathroom items transferred to your living room. Old bathtubs can be made into furniture. It can be a two-seater sofa, or you can split it into half for two different accent chairs. Doing some upholstery can make it more comfortable.


In the Garden


Mostly, the upcycling in the garden is done by having different kinds of planters. These planters may range from paint buckets, old jars and plastic bottles. Since you will be upgrading your backyard, might as well consider having more significant changes by using the following items:


  • Old Sofa - This furniture is not necessarily meant for planters, but it can help you curate the landscaping. It would be interesting to see a couch with flowers as a cushion for the seat.
  • Bed Frame - If you are not satisfied with a seat of flowers, why not have a bed of roses. Also, you can have the metal or wooden frames deconstructed to create other gardening items.
  • Old Bicycle - If you need something to highlight your vines, a bike's metal frames are not a bad idea. You can have the plant in the basket located near the handlebars and let the leaves hang down. Another way is to mount the bike on a wall and let the vines climb up.


By using upcycled items, you will be able to revamp your house without purchasing new furniture and decorations. Apart from saving them from being thrown in the garbage, you can save a lot of money. These examples are only a few of the hundreds of ideas to make trash more meaningful. If a person is entitled to have a second chance, why can objects not have that kind of opportunity? And this time around, it can be even better.