Incredible Hiking Trails in the Yukon Territory

Here in Canada, many astounding landscapes will surely captivate the heart of any adventure-seeker. From northern to the southern region, you have a lot of destinations to choose from. One of the good things about these places is that they allow you to perform several activities which can help you unwind and relax. Hiking to the Great White North's majestic peaks will not only show you many spectacular sites, but it can also bring out your adventurous side. It is an exciting recreation that you can do alone or with your family and friends. Hiking allows you to explore the places you have never been to - a perfect opportunity to unwind and discover breathtaking sceneries.


Why Choose Yukon?


Canada has ten provinces with three territories to the north. One of these territories is Yukon. The Northwest Territories border it to the east, the U.S. state of Alaska to the west, and British Columbia to the south. Yukon encompasses areas of high plateaus and rugged mountains. The capital of this territory is Whitehorse, which is famous for being the largest city in northern Canada. There are many fascinating things that you will love about Yukon. One of these things is the availability of exciting trails that you can use for your hiking trips. All of the Canadian provinces and territories have something to offer when it comes to natural landscapes, but there is something about Yukon that can make you want to visit it. Here are some things that you may like about this territory:

#1 A huge percentage of the Yukon region is pristine wilderness. It means there are still many areas showcasing the territory's unspoiled beauty. These places are perfect for photo opportunities.

#2 Yukon takes pride in its massive and spectacular glaciers. Although you can also find these fantastic pillars of ice in other Canadian provinces like Alberta, Yukon is home to a considerable number of impressive and more prominent glaciers. You can find some of them in Kluane National Park, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#3 The territory is one of the ideal sites in Canada in viewing the northern lights. If you are fascinated with aurora borealis, then probably you would like to venture in Yukon. Of all the Canadian provinces, Yukon has one of the longest northern lights seasons, giving you more time to watch the stunning celestial show. Hiking under the magical green streaks of light can give you a memorable trip that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Hiking Trails to Follow in Yukon

If the interesting facts about Yukon mentioned earlier is enough for you to visit the territory, then it's time to know the exciting trails that you can follow for your adventures. Here are some of the most incredible hikes in the Yukon Territory:

#1 Atlin-Juneau Icefield Traverse -  One of the challenging hikes that you may try in Yukon is the Atlin-Juneau Icefield Traverse that measures 109 kilometres. It will take you some days to finish the trail, so it is recommended to complete your camping gear so that you will have all the things you need for your trip. Hiking in the wintertime will give you a panoramic scene of snow-capped landscapes and icy forests and mountains. For more adventures, you can try several winter activities like snowmobiling and skiing.

#2 Denver Glacier - For novice hikers, one of the most accessible hikes that you can try is Denver Glacier. Choosing this trail allows you to hike through the coastal rainforests. If you are living near Alaska, you can access the path by riding a short train ride. You can enjoy a leisurely walking trip on the well-maintained trail in the coastal forest. The place is also an excellent location for hammock camping. So if you want to take some rest from your adventure, mount a hammock between two trees, and you're good to go. Along the trail, you can see an amazing view of the East Fork. You can also witness the astonishing scene of the Denver Glacier from the base of the avalanche track.

#3 Kluane National Park - As stated earlier, Kluane National Park is hailed as one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is admired for having the largest non-polar ice-field in the world. This park also has a significant part of the St. Elias Range. Choosing the Kluane National Park can give you some bear encounters, so it is essential to educate yourself about the things to do when these circumstances happen. If you are planning to have overnight trips, know that registration is mandatory. It is crucial to bring all the camping essentials that you think you may need for your trip. Whatever you are using, be it a tent or hammock, it is recommended to ask the park's staff about the ideal locations where you can set up your camping gear.

#4 Tombstone Territorial Park - If you like to educate yourself with part of Yukon's history while exploring the territory, then Tombstone Territorial Park could be your best pick. This park provides an opportunity to learn about Dawson City, which is situated in the banks of Yukon River. This city is rich in history about the Klondike Gold Rush. One of the best things about Tombstone Territorial Park is the adventure it gives. This trail is quite challenging but worth a try. This place is subarctic and has an alluring landscape. For backcountry trips, you have to secure reservations from the park's staff.


Hiking is one of the perfect ways to spend quality time with your loved ones. For great adventures, Yukon could be your best destination since it has a lot of ideal locations to offer. The territory provides exciting trails for both novice and expert hikers. Besides hiking, there are other activities that you can try while you are on the trip. You may try winter recreation if you hike in the winter season. For summer activities, you may try fishing, especially if the trail is near a lake or river. Whatever adventure you like, Yukon has something to offer when it comes to great experiences.