1. Excellent Canadian Locations for Winter Hammock Camping

    Excellent Canadian Locations for Winter Hammock Camping

    Hammock camping is a fascinating way to spend your vacation. It allows you to unwind and make time for your family and friends. You can also engage in hammock camping while doing other exciting things, such as hiking or skiing. However, hammock camping becomes challenging during the winter season. It is because you need to add some camping accessories to keep you warm. There are also camping sites that are not available on winter days. Worry not because there are several Canadian locations that you can explore while enjoying hammock camping.

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  2. 10 Must-Have Survival Tools for Your Camping Trip

    Here in Canada, there are plenty of ideal locations where you can go camping. From provincial to national parks, there are several places to choose from. Besides, you can also decide if you want to go on a mountain or lake camping trip. If you have decided to perform this exciting activity, either alone or with friends, it is vital to prepare the complete camping gear. Make sure to bring tents or hammocks, survival tools, and other essential camping items.

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  3. 9 Ways to Unwind in Yukon

    9 Ways to Unwind in Yukon

    Yukon is a Canadian region characterized by rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is recognized as the westernmost of the country's territories. The Northwest Territories border it to the east, the state of Alaska to the west, and British Columbia to the south. Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon and is recognized as the largest city in northern Canada. Although Yukon is a secluded region, it has still captured the hearts of many travellers. It is because this place offers many breathtaking locations, which are ideal for explorations. Yukon has a rich-living history, unique geography, and striking scenic beauty. If you want to unwind far away from the city, then it's time that you consider travelling to Yukon.

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  4. Ideal Camping Sites in the Northwest Territories

    Ideal Camping Sites in the Northwest Territories

    The Northwest Territories in Canada include the region of northern and northwestern Canada, which lies in the vast areas of forests and tundra. These areas have encompassed more than one-third of the Canadian territory throughout most of the 20th century. Northwest Territories have reduced its area by more than a half after the creation of the Nunavut territory in 1999. The Northwest Territories is bordered in the east by Nunavut while it is bounded on the west by Yukon. Meanwhile, it is bound to the south by the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The said territory is home to beautiful spots, which are mainly natural attractions. From magnificent mountains to splendid lakes and rivers, there are many scenic spots that you can explore in this Canadian region.

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  5. 10 Exciting Activities When Camping in the Rain

    10 Exciting Activities When Camping in the Rain

    Rainy camping trips could be as amusing as camping during summertime. Though it may be challenging, there are still ways on how you can enjoy while camping in the rain. Aside from bringing all the essential items, you can also think of fun activities that you can relish on rainy days.

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  6. The Complete Hammock Camping Gear Set-up

    The Complete Hammock Camping Gear Set-up

    The primary reason why sunglasses were made is to protect the users from the harmful rays of the sun. Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts. Besides reducing glares, wearing sunglasses can also aid in preventing macular degeneration. Although the primary purpose of wearing protective eyewear is to prevent eye problems, some sunglasses do not screen out the harmful rays. Wearing sunglasses made of less-quality materials might be cheaper, but they might not guarantee you with total eye protection.

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  7. How Hammocks Can Improve Your Sleep

    How Hammocks Can Improve Your Sleep

    A hammock is a piece of durable fabric that can be suspended in the air using two poles. It is made of robust and multi-stitched nylon that can support hundreds of pounds. A hammock can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on its purpose. Many individuals prefer it because it is easy to set up. You may only need a couple of knots, trees or poles, and additional gears to complete the set-up. Unlike a camping tent, a hammock is more lightweight, helping campers lighten their hiking load. It also benefits those who go hiking and mountaineering. Besides camping advantages, hammocks can also provide several health benefits, particularly in improving your sleep quality.

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  8. 10 Safety Tips in Hammock Camping

    10 Safety Tips in Hammock Camping

    Hammock camping is a thrilling activity that anyone will enjoy. Compared to a tent, you only need two sturdy poles to set a camping hammock. Besides, it may only require a few minutes to suspend it in the air. Many individuals prefer it because they don't have to find a bigger space. Since its popularity is continuously growing, it is essential to create awareness about how to safely perform this exciting activity.

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  9. Camping Essentials for Beginnners

    Camping Essentials for Beginnners

    Camping is one of the exciting ways to unwind away from the city. It is an excellent opportunity to explore new places and do fun activities like hiking and mountaineering. Camping for the first time could be challenging, especially when go unprepared. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the things that you should do and the materials to bring when camping.

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  10. 14 Camping Do's and Don'ts That You Need to Know

    14 Camping Do's and Don'ts That You Need to Know

    Camping is an exciting opportunity to visit historical sites, national and provincial parks. Many people do this outdoor activity during the summer season. It is a fun way to seek adventures, explore new places, and bond with your family and friends. Camping is an ideal way to spend your summer vacation, but it is essential to be aware of the do's and don'ts in doing the said activity. It is because many campsites have different rules to be followed. Following the said regulations may help you achieve an enjoyable camping experience.

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