1. Ideal Camping Sites in the Northwest Territories

    Ideal Camping Sites in the Northwest Territories

    The Northwest Territories in Canada include the region of northern and northwestern Canada, which lies in the vast areas of forests and tundra. These areas have encompassed more than one-third of the Canadian territory throughout most of the 20th century. Northwest Territories have reduced its area by more than a half after the creation of the Nunavut territory in 1999. The Northwest Territories is bordered in the east by Nunavut while it is bounded on the west by Yukon. Meanwhile, it is bound to the south by the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The said territory is home to beautiful spots, which are mainly natural attractions. From magnificent mountains to splendid lakes and rivers, there are many scenic spots that you can explore in this Canadian region.

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  2. 10 Must-Visit Campsites in Alberta

    10 Must-Visit Campsites in Alberta

    Alberta is one of the largest provinces in Canada. The Canadian Rocky Mountains serve as its border to the west while prairies and badlands bound it to the east. It has a population of more than four million - one of the fastest growing provinces in Canada. Calgary and Edmonton are the major centers of Alberta. It is famous for being a prairie province and visiting the place can leave you in awe because of its spectacular landscapes. From grandiose mountains to frosty lakes and forests, fastest-growing Alberta has many sceneries to behold.

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  3. Great Tips for Camping Photography

    Great Tips for Camping Photography

    Camping trips are great opportunities to witness breathtaking views and capture picture-perfect subjects. They are helpful for photographers who would like to experiment with their passion for photography. However, due to several factors, taking pictures can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming.

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