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Inflatable Couch Lounger (Pink)
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Inflatable Couch Lounger (Black)
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What our Customers are saying...

These are so fun! We get so many compliments when we bring these to the park. A windy day is best for filling, or else someone who doesn't mind running around like a lunatic. They hold air decently, but after sitting on it for about half an hour, it could use a tightening (no need to refill entirely). Like that the bottom is closed off so you don't fall straight through.


Great fun. But even better great company
First one I got wouldn't hold air. After a quick e-mail, they quickly replaced it. We used them this past weekend and everyone loves them. Great fun. But even better great company. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


This thing has been amazing! It’s such a comfy device. Whether as a chair or a bed, and it floats in the water !!

Michelle Pasqualini

Comfy and compact for storage
Its worth the price to watch my husband run around filling it up! Our family of 5 took turns using it so we might just have to buy more!


Love love it!
This is such an outstanding product.
Easy to inflate - i watched the manufacturer’s youtube video to have a visual
Very comfy
Looks great
Overall 5 stars


Great for soccer games and camping
This thing is great for the beach, soccer games, whatever your doing outside. It takes a bit of practice to get it inflated but it’s a great product. Kids love it.

Steve J.

facile d'utilisation

denis denis

Excellent lounging chair! So comfortable, easy to inflate, super warm, which was a bonus, I think the air inside gets warmed up by sun and body heat, i dont know, but it feels so good to lie on this!

Frances O

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