Tie Once, Relax Twice: The No Nonsense Hookup for Your Hammock and Tree

Make sure you set up your hammock perfectly the first time – no more re-tying necessary! Follow this step-by-step guide to achieve perfect tension and balance every time.

Attach the Carabiners to the Hammock.

Start by attaching carabiners to your hammock. You can get special hammock-specific carabiners that clip right onto the loops of the hammock, or you can opt for more customized solutions, like looping bungee cord over your existing carabiners. Either way, make sure they are tightly secured with no slack. The knot should be tight enough that it won’t come undone from the weight of your body as you hang in the hammock.

Use a Throw Line to Hang Your Hammock.

A throw line is a lightweight rope extension that allows you to tie your hammock using just one tree. Throw lines can also be used to hang your hammock higher or lower, depending on which branches are available and how far down you want the hammock to hang. To set up your throw line, tie one end of the nylon rope around the base of the tree, leaving enough slack for the other end to reach you easily. Then tie the other end of the rope in a figure-eight knot at whichever height you would like for your hammock. Finally, attach carabiners to both ends and clip them into the loops on your hammock. There – now you have a secure and comfortable setup with only two knots required!

Center Your Hammock. 

Even when you are using a throw line, it is important to make sure your hammock is centered on the tree. Adjust the tension and height of your hammock until you find the most comfortable spot. Some trees have thicker branches that you can safely clip the carabiners onto, while others will require extra care to ensure your hammock is secure. Make sure all clips are securely fastened before laying in the hammock, and check them again after every use.

Adjust Height and Tension of Your Lines.

Before relaxation can begin, the height and tension of your hammock must be adjusted. Find the ideal balance between comfort and security by adjusting both your suspension kits and hookup devices until you achieve perfect tension. Make sure both sides are even so when you climb in, your hammock remains level. As needed, readjust your tree straps or use more carabiners to ensure safety.

Add Supporting Ropes or S-Hooks for Extra Security and Balance.

If you want to add extra support for additional security or balance, add a rope or s-hook between the center loop of your hammock and the eye of the tree strap at either end. This added rope or S-hook creates a diagonal tension that allows you to relax without worrying about tipping over. It’s essential for using heavier hanging chairs, as well as hammocks that don’t have a spreader bar to keep them level.