10 Must-Visit Campsites in Alberta

Alberta is one of the largest provinces in Canada. The Canadian Rocky Mountains serve as its border to the west while prairies and badlands bound it to the east. It has a population of more than four million - one of the fastest-growing provinces in Canada. Calgary and Edmonton are the major centers of Alberta. It is famous for being a prairie province and visiting the place can leave you in awe because of its spectacular landscapes. From grandiose mountains to frosty lakes and forests, Alberta has many sceneries to behold.


Where to Go Camping

Alberta has badlands, lakes, and rivers that you may want to explore. Most of them are ideal for camping, but before going to these places, it is essential to know about the best locations to go camping. Not all camping sites allow people to stay overnight while other areas do not have access to water and electricity. Below you will find a list of the ideal places to go camping according to the activities you’d like to do and your necessities:


  1. Aster Lake Backcountry Campground - If you are travelling with a few companions, then going to this campsite could be one of your options since it is suitable for experienced hikers. It is recommended to go here during the day since no fires are permitted within the area. You can set up tents or hammocks in the open meadow where you can witness the breathtaking views of the mountains.
  2. Astotin Lake Campground - It is situated in Elk Island National Park. Apart from involving yourself in water sports, you may also enjoy other recreational activities like golf and soccer. Astotin Lake Campground is an excellent area to watch the sunrise or sunset. This site is family-friendly as it has a playground where children can have fun. Kitchen shelters, picnic tables, and washrooms with showers are also available in this location.
  3. Beaver Mines Lake Campground - It is located in Castle Provincial Park which has a beautiful view of the lake and sturdy trees. If you like boating in a quiet place, then this location could be your best pick. You may want to do other activities like lake fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and swimming.
  4. Crimson Lake Campground - It is one of the most accessible campsites in Alberta. It is open from May to October. Aside from swimming, you can also go hiking if you want to explore the vicinity. You can discover abundant wildlife in the area which includes mooses and deers -always keep in mind to be careful around dangerous animals-. Families can unwind and relax in this area.
  5. Dinosaur Campground - Besides lakes, there are also campsites in Alberta which are near to badlands and canyons. One of these is the Dinosaur Campground situated in Alberta Badlands. It is a historical place and named as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. More than 50 species of dinosaurs were found within this location. You may discover dinosaur fossils when you visit the site.

  6. Lost Lemon Campground - There are almost 50 camping sites situated in this place. Something that is good in this campground is the availability of a pool and playground which children may love. You can go fishing along the Crownset river and do other activities like biking, fishing, and sight-seeing.
  7. Mukwah Campground - If you want to unwind from your work, then you may go camping in Mukwah Campground. You can bring a tent, trailer, hammock, or motor home in this area. There's a lot of activities that you can do here aside from hiking. You can go biking, fishing, horseback riding, and playing ball games such as volleyball. Having campfire pits is also allowed in this place. Also, you can enjoy hot showers and a sauna at this campsite.
  8. Two Jack Lake - It is one of the campgrounds situated in Banff National Park. Many campers prefer this place over others because of its proximity to the lake - giving a mirror image of the mountain. Since it is near to Banff, going here during the summertime makes it an excellent opportunity to explore the Rockies. Compared to other campgrounds in Banff, this place is more peaceful and quiet - making it a perfect location for family picnics. Picking Two Jack Lake among the campgrounds in Banff can give you the chance to enjoy a lot of water sports activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming.
  9. Wabasso Campground - Jasper National Park offers a campground that provides spectacular mountain views. If you are visiting the Moab Lake and Athabasca Falls, camping in Wabasso Campground is the right choice because of its serenity. Many campers love the area because of its privacy, which is ideal for couples and families.
  10. Waterfowl - This campsite can be found in Lake Louise, Alberta, which is one of the largest campgrounds on the Icefields Parkway. People may use tents or small RVs to stay in this area. You will be stunned with the frosty trees, glacial lakes, and sparkling lakes that can be found in Waterfowl. It offers several places for kayaking and trails for hiking. What makes this location ideal is that it can be easily seen along the Icefields Parkway.

Camping is an excellent way to spend quality time with your family and friends. For instance, you may have an in-depth conversation with your family to improve your relationship with them. Camping is also an ideal way to disconnect from the urban world. It is a perfect escape from stress and anxiety. The spectacular views in nature can also help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Camping in Alberta is an excellent choice as it provides privacy to couples and families. In these places, you can do many things like biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and other fun activities. Nevertheless, it is essential to know what is accessible and allowed in these vicinities, so that you can prepare for the activities in the area and have the best of times with your loved ones.