5 Indoor Plants to Help You Relax

Stress is a natural feeling that may happen to any person. Most of the time, you may experience distress when you struggle to cope up with the demands at your work or even at school. There are several ways to overcome stress and fight the adverse effects that it can bring to you. One ideal way to deal with stress is to add indoor plants to your home or workstation that can help you relax. 


Indoor Plants and Their Health Benefits


Many studies have proven how indoor plants can improve not only your mood but your overall health as well. Aside from the natural aesthetics that plants can provide to your room, they also help freshen the air. Here are some benefits of having indoor plants:


#1 Indoor plants eliminate the harmful toxins present in the air you breathe. The article published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed how plants can clean the air and water for indoor environments. According to the research, plants can purify the air by emitting water vapour that creates a pumping action. This process pulls the contaminated air and brings it down the plant's roots.


#2 Indoor plants can make you happy. Though it may sound strange, being passionate with plants can contribute to your happiness. It was proven by Clas Bergvall in his dissertation, "Life, Mood, and Meanings." His thesis deals with the relationship between humans and things, particularly to plants at home. Bergvall explained that plants represent what is beautiful and pleasant in life. They can help you contemplate significant memories that can lighten your mood.


#3 Indoor plants contribute to a patient's recovery. Plants do not only serve as decors, but they can also help with healing. A research study published by the National Center for Biology and Information (NCBI) showed how indoor plants in a hospital could enhance the health of the patients who are recovering from surgery. The study revealed that during the recovery period, the plants have provided a positive influence on the health outcomes of surgical patients. Moreover, it has been confirmed that plants have therapeutic value in the hospital environment.


Beautiful Indoor Plants to Make A Comfortable Room


Now that you already know some of the health benefits that indoor plants can give, it's time to pick the best plant suitable for your home or office. Below is a list of indoor plants that you could choose from:

Aloe Vera - Aloe vera is a short-stemmed succulent, which is an ideal indoor companion. It belongs to the species of the genus Aloe, which is characterized by thick and green leaves. This plant is also recognized as a medicinal plant. The juices from its leaves can be used to relieve pain from burns. What's good about aloe vera is it helps cleanse the air. It is because this plant is Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) plant. It means it conserves its energy during the day and releases the right amount of oxygen at night. Since it is excellent for night-time oxygen, you can place this plant in your bedroom. You can also display an aloe vera to your living room if you like resting on a comfortable lounger.


Areca Palm - Aside from having an essential oil diffuser at home, you can also add a natural humidifier. The areca palm, native to India and Madagascar, is an ornamental plant that is also hailed as "butterfly palm." It got its nickname for having multiple stems and leaves. The areca palm also produces yellow flowers, which can add to the overall aesthetics of your room. Like aloe vera, it also gets rid of the toxins present in the air, including formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. The areca plant can grow up to seven feet, so it is not ideal for placing it on your desk. You can display them in the corners of the room instead.


Bonsai - If you do not want a plant that as big as the areca plant, then you may wish to have a bonsai for your coffee table or desk. It is a living dwarf tree that can be grown in containers. Many plant enthusiasts love bonsai because it also serves as an art form. It is because cultivating this plant requires creativity. You may use traditional styles in growing a bonsai but you can also develop your own style. Some people find taking care of bonsais as a hobby, which also gives them a meditative feeling. If you are feeling stressed and you want to ease your anxiety, then you could start cultivating a bonsai.


Golden Pothos - You need to allot time in taking care of plants. It is vital to know the proper maintenance of keeping them alive. If you have less time to take good care of plants, then the golden pothos is the ideal indoor plant for you. The golden pothos has an impressive look because of its vibrant green colour that can give you a refreshing feeling. It is also an excellent air purifier because it absorbs formaldehyde in the air. The golden pothos grows fast, and it can tolerate any lighting, from dim to indirect light. If you want this plant in your room, then try to keep it from direct sunlight. 


Jasmine - Have you heard of Jasmine tea? This nutritious drink comes from the jasmine plant. It is a shrub characterized by small and white flowers. Some people use the plant's flowers to craft garlands. The best feature of jasmine is its amazing fragrance. Its smell has calming properties that could lessen your stress and anxiety. To keep the jasmine plant alive, place it on a window where it can get enough sunlight. You also need to put it at a cold temperature. 


Apart from being natural decors to your room, indoor plants also provide health benefits. It is essential to consider adding them to your place because they can contribute to making your home or office more relaxing. Using indoor plants is cost-effective because they serve as humidifiers and they also purify the air. When considering indoor plants, make sure to take good care of them.