8 Decluttering Tips for Your Home This Quarantine Period

Nowadays, staying at home is still advised because there is still a pandemic. Despite this situation, you can still be productive. Would it be better to use your spare time to make your home cozier? Besides, it's not too late to have a decluttering project and organize your space. You don't need to hire an interior designer to do these activities because there are simple ways to achieve a more comfortable and refreshing home.


Decluttering Project: Make Your Home Cozier

The quarantine period is not only the best time to declutter your home. You can do this anytime, especially when you feel that your space is overcrowded. Removing unnecessary things does not only provide additional space or make your home look more organized. One of its significant benefits is helping the people at home feel more relaxed and comfortable while studying or working remotely. To achieve a refreshing look at home, you may refer to the following tips:


#1 Choose the best place for work and study.


If you study or work remotely, find a place where it is best to do the tasks. Consider a peaceful area where you feel relaxed. Try moving your work table near a window where there is a great view. Seeing natural scenes can help alleviate your stress. It can also help you keep motivated at work. Connecting with nature can help in energizing your mind and body.


#2 Clean out your car.


Aside from cleaning the rooms at your house, also clean the garage and your car. Check all the compartments and keep out of all the left trash and other unnecessary things. Make sure that everything is cleaned, including the outside. Consider having a car wash to get rid of the dust and other debris in your car. Doing this can help you achieve a cozier ride on your next trip.


#3 Create a space for relaxation.


When cleaning and decluttering your room, think of an ideal place where you can go for relaxation. Consider it as your go-to area whenever you feel stressed at work. For instance, you can add a portable couch in the veranda where you can lie down and breathe some fresh air. Sitting on the inflatable couch is also a great idea while viewing the beautiful scenes in your place. 


Another place where you can relax is in your backyard. Installing a camping hammock between two trees is an excellent idea. Besides, it can help you connect with nature, allowing you to improve your mood and calm your mind. The best thing about using a camping hammock is portability. Like an inflatable couch, you can bring it anywhere you like.


#4 Donate the toys.


If you have kids, for sure, there could be many toys in your home. You have the option to keep them as long as you have storage for all the toys your kids have. But if you see some of them scattering and there is no space to keep your toys, it's better to donate them. There are lots of kids out there who would love to take care of them. Donating your kids' old toys does not only give you additional space at home, but it also allows you to make other kids happy.


#5 Get rid of unfitting and unused clothes from your wardrobe.


One thing that you should look out for your decluttering project is your wardrobe. If you have many clothes, it's time to assess whether they still fit in you. If not, take them out of your closet to give space for those you are using. Worry not because you can donate your preloved clothes so that others can still use them. Or, you may also sell them online for a reasonable price. Decluttering your wardrobe does not only provide you with a space in your closet, but it can also help you earn some cash.


#6 Organize cable wires.


Disorganized cable wires can make any room look messy. Besides, it can also be a cause of an accident. That's why it is essential to organize cable wires to avoid any injury. You can make use of cable wire organizers, which are available in many stores online. Below are some tips for managing cable wires:


  • Label the cords to identify which should be plugged/unplugged.
  • Make use of a clothespin to separate the earbuds.
  • Use binder clips and ribbon twist ties because they work well for cable wires.


#7 Reorganize the space in your pantry.


Your pantry should be clean and organized. That's why it would be best to use cabinets and food organizers. Doing so can help you categorize the food and other ingredients you use for cooking. Label the food properly if you are using bottles to avoid confusion. Organizing your pantry is a helpful way to check what needs to be restocked or not.


#8 Use double purpose furniture.


Another best way to save space at home is to use double purpose furniture. Frinstance, you can use a coffee table that also has a cabinet on it to keep important things. Instead of buying a table and cupboard, you can save money and space where you choose double-purpose furniture. Other examples are portable couches that you can also use as beds or chairs that also work as book storage.


The quarantine period has been the reason why many people are now working remotely. Even students have to attend classes online to stay safe from COVID-19. Although out of the country trips and other plans might be cancelled, there are several ways to keep your productivity even at home. Among these is transforming your home into a cozier space for everyone. Following the decluttering tips above are just some of the many ways to organize your home.