8 Affordable Date Ideas for Couples

Surprising our dearest with a simple date could make their days more special. Dating doesn't always mean going to fancy restaurants or buying your loved one an expensive gift. Sometimes, binge-watching movies together or hanging out in a great place could mean so much to partner. Besides, there are plenty of romantic date ideas that will not require you to spend too much. Knowing some affordable date ideas can surprise our loved ones even if it's not their birthdays.


How to Surprise Your Loved One

Surely, you want to make your partner happy, no matter how long you have been in a relationship. Even if it's not your anniversary or your loved one's birthday, there are days when you want to randomly give a surprise. There are many date ideas that you may consider either indoors or outdoors. But sometimes, it requires you to spend money, especially if you want to treat your dearest with a sumptuous meal. Well, worry no more because listed below are several affordable ideas that you can try for your next date.


#1 Chill and watch Netflix.


If you feel like not going outside or there's gloomy weather, you may prefer watching Netflix shows. As the saying goes, "Keep calm and watch Netflix." This affordable date idea could be your top choice, especially if you are not in the mood for outdoor adventures. You may prepare a shortlist of Netflix films that you want to watch with your partner. Whatever genre it is, be it horror or romance, Netflix has an exciting movie to offer you.


Watching movies can become more extra special if you make the environment a little bit cozier. Place some portable couch where both of you can lie down. Add some fluffy pillows and prepare a blanket. Do not forget to include some snacks like popcorns and s’mores.


#2 Cook a special meal.


Instead of ordering an expensive meal, why not cook your loved one's favourite dish? It is way cheaper than dining in. Besides, you can make it healthier since you can pick the fresh ingredients right from the supermarket. If you are not into cooking, you may browse some free tutorial videos and find the easiest recipe. Another tip is to learn how to bake some goodies, especially if your partner loves sweet treats.


#3 Consider a reading date.


If your partner is a bibliophile, a simple reading date could make his/her day special. Surprise your dearest with a new book that he/she can read. You may also pick a book for yourself and spend the whole day reading some interesting stories. You may take short breaks and discuss what you liked in the book. To make the reading date extra special, find a cozy place where you can spend time together. A treehouse could be a romantic spot. You may also consider the rooftop or the backyard where you can install a hammock.


#4 Look for a home massage.


Sometimes, the best date is to find relaxation together. Besides, it can help you get rid of your stress from work. So why not treat your partner with a home massage? You may look for an affordable home massage service and set up a date where you can indulge in this sweet relaxation. But if you want to give your partner a random surprise, you may provide the massage experts with advance payment and ask the therapist to visit your loved one's house. Just make sure to check if they are applying the needed health precautionary measures and guidelines when it comes to home massage services.


#5 Prepare for a game night.


You can always make your date fun, memorable, and exciting. Before going to bed, plan a game night for you to enjoy. Prepare some exciting games and have a scoring system. Try giving a prize to anyone who will have the most wins for the games. Do not forget some midnight snacks to delight yourself with. You may enjoy eating some treats while enjoying the games.


#6 Swap hobbies with your partner.


Staying at home is an excellent opportunity to learn new things. You may also do this by swapping hobbies with your partner. For instance, if your dearest loves to paint or create artwork, you may try it after asking for some advice from him/her. In return, teach your loved one with an activity that interests you the most. Be it a mobile game, cooking, or dancing; your partner will surely love to try the things that you are passionate about.


#7 Take a coffee break.


It could be a simple date idea, but it can surely spark some romantic moments with your partner. Bring your loved one on the veranda of your home and take a coffee break together. You may add some delicious pastries that go well with the coffee. This little break is an excellent opportunity to share stories. It works best, especially if you haven't seen your partner for a long time. Taking a coffee break is also an excellent idea during gloomy weather.


#8 Try a backyard picnic.


Having a picnic never gets old when it comes to romantic date ideas. It's simple, yet it could provide great bonding moments. You can have friendly conversations with your partner while delighting in your lunch meals. You may also bring board games that you can play with. For a cozier setup, you may install a portable hammock that you can tie between two trees. In case there are no trees in your backyard, you may look for sturdy poles as alternatives.


Sometimes, all you need is to be creative to come up with a romantic date idea. Whether you like to date indoors or outdoors, there are affordable date ideas that you can do to surprise your partner. Make sure to familiarize the date ideas listed above so that you can have a backup plan whenever you feel like making your dearest happy any time of the day.