Affordable Housewarming Gifts to Consider

Purchasing a house under your name is not just a simple goal. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and of course, money to realize this dream. It is something that can give a sense of stability in life. There will be numerous hurdles as someone makes their way to own a house or even a portion of land, but it will be worth it after sitting down on the couch and turning on the tv. It will not always be a big house. It can be a small apartment.  Nonetheless, having your place is a blessing.


After completing the necessary documents, the construction and renovation, moving in is another story to tell. Transferring from the old apartment to the new residence is the moment when everything comes surreal. It is worth celebrating - something to share with family and friends. Maybe you got one or two invitations to this kind of celebration. Gifting the owner's something to fill up their house will be much appreciated. Here are some budget-friendly housewarming gifts to consider.


#1 Wooden Coasters


Coasters may be one of those kitchen items that are not used frequently by the house owners. They can drink their beverage without using one. Still, it will be presentable for future visitors to have their drinks served in a coaster. It can be made with marble or a more eco-friendly material like wood. There are shops online that can help you with personalized coasters. Owning different sets can give them options depending on who their guests are. 


#2 Gardening Kit


If your friend's new place has enough gardening space, you can introduce a new hobby by giving a gardening kit. There are different kinds of gardening kits that you can find anywhere. It ranges from the usual herb gardening kits to more advanced hydroponic gardening kits. Also, you might want to give them a book about gardening, especially if it is their first time. Not only that, this gift idea can also help your friend start creating an eco-friendly home.


#3 Succulent/Indoor Plants


Adding succulents and other types of indoor plants is a perfect idea to add beauty to a  limited space for gardening. It will not be a problem for succulents and indoor plants to grow inside the house. It does not require an additional outdoor area that will not be available all the time. Just make sure that the size of the plant will fit in their new place.


#4 Cutting Board


Cutting board is one of the house items that can accumulate bacteria as time passes by, but at the same time, it is the most used tool when cooking. Instead of bringing their worn cutting board to the new house, consider giving them a new one. A set of boards will be even better. You can modify it by having custom engravings. It can be the name of the house owner or a quotation.


#5 Throw Pillows/Blanket


It is common for a living room to have pillows on the sofa. Aside from its aesthetic purposes, it can provide support to the back or neck of a person. Another item that can be useful is a throw blanket. Rather than taking the blanket from the bedroom, hang the throw blanket on the sofa's armrest. It can give warmth while watching the television on a cold winter night. 


#6 Reed Diffuser


After a long day at work, nothing is more uplifting than opening the door to a good smelling house. Bring that spa-like ambience to your friend's house by having a reed diffuser with you. Aromatherapy is the simplest form of relaxation. It has a wide variety of scent, depending on your mood. There are essential oils that can help in having a good night's sleep, and there are fragrances that can relieve anxiety. 


#7 House Number Plaque


A delivery guy will never get lost if your friend has a decent house number posted in front of their house. There are readily made house numbers in the bookstore, but you can also have it customized. It can be made in a more sturdy material than the plastic ones and those who accumulate rust over time. Also, there are new ways to have your house number other than hanging it. It can be made into a plaque and place it on a small table on the doorstep.


#8 Return Address Stamp


As individuals or families move out of their old place, a new address will be used for their mails. For some, it will take some time to memorize their new address. A return address stamp can give them the convenience for the time being since they do not have to write it over and over again and to avoid wrong sent mails.


#9 Sugar Cookies and Wine


Food can also be considered as a gift, especially if you are the one who made it. Sugar cookies have one of the easiest recipes when it comes to baking. Decorating it with house themes will be suitable for a housewarming party. They can have it as a dessert or a finger-food as they tour their guest to their new home. Accompanying it with wine and proposing cheers for the owners will be a good idea.


Having a place that can provide shelter when it is raining, a place that can keep you warm when the snow starts falling is everyone's desire. A house has always been a part of a kid's dream book. It can either be for their parents or their future family. Sadly, not all can afford to have their wish granted. Regardless of whether you live on a monthly rent or have fully paid your house, it would be nice to commemorate the excellent amount of labour you have put into having a place you can call your own.