Best Lake Party Ideas

If you are hosting a party, finding an ideal venue could be challenging. Not only you have to consider the food and decorations, but you also need to think of a place where guests could fit. Usually, homeowners think of having a pool party. It is an excellent idea if you only invited a few people to come to the party. However, if you have many friends who will attend the gathering, it is essential to find a large venue to avoid getting a crowded place. If you want to have a gathering similar to a pool party, then you may want to consider engaging in a lake party.


How to Throw an Epic Lake Party


There are many ways on how you can make an unforgettable lake party that your guests will surely enjoy. Before you send invitations to your friends and colleagues, make sure to have a great plan first. A great plan will surely make your party a successful one. There are several things to consider before you throw a lake party. Some of the crucial things that you need to take into consideration are the number of guests, party theme, party decorations, music playlist, and food menu. To help you plan for an epic lake party, try to apply the following party ideas:

#1 Bring an outdoor speaker. Music is an important element to make your event lively, avoiding dull moments. It is vital to prepare a list of good vibes songs that you can play outdoors. Make sure to bring an outdoor speaker so that everyone could hear the music even they are swimming in the lake. You may also consider a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to avoid the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. Choosing a water-resistant speaker gets rid of your worries about having technical issues when the speaker becomes wet. In this way, you can ensure that there will be great music at the party.

#2 Create an outdoor movie theatre. If you are thinking of having an overnight party in the lake, then creating an outdoor movie theatre could be an excellent idea. It is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your relatives and friends. Watching blockbuster movies together could be an ideal way to relax and unwind after partying all day. You may set-up an inflatable couch where you and your friends can lie down while watching. Another option is to suspend a camping hammock if you have no inflatable couches.

#3 Engage in watercraft activities. Aside from swimming, there are other exciting things that you can do while partying at the lake. You may go boating, canoeing, or fishing while exploring the vicinity of the place. You may also engage in photography while boating. Try to capture the beautiful landscapes that you can find in the lake venue. You may even spot for adorable animals and try to photograph them. Doing so allows you to improve your photography skills while enjoying the party.

#4 Have a barbeque station. Having a barbeque party while at the lake is also an excellent idea. It will surely delight your guests who like to spend time grilling their favourite meat. You can serve a variety of meat so that your guests will have several options to choose from, including beef, chicken, and pork. For your vegetarian friends, you may serve corn on the cob and sweet potatoes. You may also add some veggies and fruits such as coleslaw, berries, and watermelon. Don't forget to place roasting sticks and the grill equipment. For kids' delight, you may add some marshmallows in the barbeque station. Add a bowl of biscuits so that the kids can make delicious smores.

#5 Make a hotdog bar. Aside from the other food that you want to bring in the lake party, try to consider having a hotdog bar. Prepare some sandwich buns, steamed hotdogs, and other necessary condiments. Hotdog sandwiches are ideal self-serve eats that both kids and adults will like. They are simple and delicious light meals that are easy to prepare. You can also add some chips, tortillas, and premade dips to the hotdog bar. 

#6 Prepare a big bucket of cocktails. Mixing drinks could consume much time, especially if you have many guests. It is recommended to prepare cocktails good for a big batch of people so that you don't have to prepare it in the venue. If you don't prefer cocktails, then you may opt for sodas-in-can or any child-friendly beverages. Try creating a beverage boat where you can keep the drinks. Let the beverage boat float on the water and let your guests get their preferred drink anytime. You can make use of inflatable party tubes where you can place the beverages.

#7 Set up exciting games. Some people may not be in the mood to go swimming. It is why it is essential to prepare for some thrilling outdoor games that they will enjoy. Try to bring the necessary materials needed for each game. For instance, you may need a ball and net for ball games like volleyball and soccer. If you don't like the idea of bringing too many items in the venue, you may opt for other games that don't require heavy stuff. You may choose to play treasure hunt or dodge ball.


Hosting a lake party is a fun and exciting event that can offer lots of unforgettable memories with your relatives and friends. It is an excellent opportunity to explore breathtaking locations and engage in thrilling activities. When having a lake party, make sure to be cautious of the happenings during the event. A lake can pose some risk factors that might result in some accidents. That's why make sure to have a cellphone on hand and emergency numbers to contact. To avoid drowning incidents, try not to bring alcoholic beverages to stay sober all the time. Also, have an eye for children and keep them away from deep lake areas. With excellent planning and being vigilant, you can create an extraordinary party that you and your guests would never forget.