Best Reading Positions: Ways to Get Comfortable While Reading

There is something about reading books that make it enjoyable for many people. Not only is it a great pastime, but reading provides several benefits. Among the advantages you can get from being a reader is gaining more knowledge and improving your creativity. When reading a book or newspapers, you engage in different reading positions. Sometimes, you do this activity while lying on the bed or sitting on a chair. Although some positions might give you comfort, there are some reading positions that are not good for posture. That's why you need to learn the best reading positions that can provide you with a more exciting reading experience.


Reading Positions to Try

Reading is part of people's lives. You could be reading a newspaper in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee. Perhaps you have also read a book and found yourself completely immersed in the story. Or, you could be updating yourself with the latest trends by reading articles online. Whether you are a bibliophile or not, there are instances when you find yourself reading an interesting story.


Sometimes, when you are in love with what you are reading, you don't notice your posture while doing the activity. Perhaps, you could be sitting on a chair or lying on a bed, which gives you comfort while delighting yourself in a book. Did you know that there are ideal ways on how you can enjoy reading while improving your posture? The following are some easy-to-follow postures that you can try while reading:


#1 Try reading in a standing position.


Prolonged sitting poses dangers to your health. It includes high risks for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. According to Harvard Medical School, one possible reason why prolonged sitting could be dangerous is it relaxes the large muscles. Know that when the muscles are not moving, they use a little glucose from the blood. As a result, it may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you are reading in a sitting position for hours, try to change your position once in a while.


Instead of sitting for hours, you may try reading in a standing position. You can do this posture when riding in a train, waiting for the grocery line, or whenever you like. When reading in a standing position, there are several things that you need to consider to maintain the correct posture. Among these tips are as follow:


  • Try not to bend your back and hunch it forward. It is because it can lead to neck and back pain. To avoid these pains, keep your back straight to improve your focus and concentration.


  • Consider using a foot platform that may keep your blood circulation efficient. There are also ergonomic accessories that you may use when standing, such as an ergo mat that keeps you active every time you use it. Utilizing this accessory allows you to activate the small and large group muscles of your body. As a result, you can make natural movements, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.


  • Instead of slouching, bring the book closer to your eyes. Doing so keeps your head upright and straightens your back. Aside from that, you'll also strain your eyes and maintain a neutral spine. 


#2 Sit on a portable couch.


Sitting is the most common and famous reading position. But prolonged sitting can pose some health issues. As mentioned, you may change positions to alleviate the pain from prolonged sitting. If you are considering this position, you may utilize chairs that can provide you with comfort. You may use an inflatable couch since it is soft for your back, reducing back pain. Besides, you can lie down on it and use it as a bed to avoid prolonged sitting.


#3 Read while lying on a hammock.


If you love reading while lying on a bed, you may consider using a hammock. Compared to resting on a mattress, a hammock is more ideal. It is because the hammock's surface is flexible, providing equal pressure on all of your body parts. Not only that, but it allows your body to follow natural curves. Using a hammock reduces the stress on your shoulders, back, and butt, alleviating body pain.


When looking for a hammock, choose something that is made out of parachute nylon fabric. This material is breathable, durable, lightweight, and fast-drying. Having this kind of hammock allows you to enjoy reading not only at home but also outdoors. Since a hammock is portable, you can bring it to your camping or hiking trips. Don't forget to bring a book that you can read while taking a rest from your adventure.


Tips for Better Reading

Aside from maintaining a good posture, there are other things that you may consider for you to make your reading experience more enjoyable. Here are some tips for better reading.


  • Use a LED book light. If you are reading at night, you need proper lighting to avoid eye strain. But turning on the room light may disturb your partner while sleeping. You may switch to an LED book light that you can attach to the book itself. You may also clip it on the headboard for proper lighting.


  • Drink tea while reading. If you are feeling down, reading a good book while drinking tea can improve your mood. Some beverages, such as green tea, are proven to be effective in reducing depression. Besides that, green tea also provides several health benefits, such as keeping the blood sugar stable and lowering cholesterol.


Reading is indeed an exciting thing to do. Making it a habit can give you learnings in different areas, boost your creativity, and improve your brain's activity. But it is essential while you are enjoying reading; you are also considering your posture. There are many reading positions that you may try. Choosing what is right for your posture can help you improve your overall health.