Best Unicorn Gift Ideas

There is something about unicorns why many kids and even some adults love them. Although they are known to be mythical creatures in fantasy books and movies, some people would love to see them in real life. Most of the unicorn-themed items use pastel colours, rainbows, and glitters, which create magical vibes. It is why many people like having a unicorn-themed party for their birthdays or family gatherings. For the holiday season, some people would love to get a unicorn item as a gift.


What Gift to Buy for Unicorn Lovers


If you know someone who wants a unicorn item this holiday season, then looking for this particular gift could be challenging. Finding a present that incorporates a unicorn theme might be difficult, especially if you have limited time. To help you, here are some of the best unicorn gift ideas:


Unicorn Backpack - Your daughter, niece, or cousin will get excited to go to school when you gift them with a beautiful unicorn backpack. It is merely charismatic and serves as a great storage for their school supplies. It is a perfect present for a unicorn lover.


Unicorn Bathrobe - Whether you are a kid or an adult, you may want a unicorn bathrobe. This lovely item can give you a spell-bounding bathtime. Usually, unicorn bathrobes come in various hues.


Unicorn Coin Bank - You can invite your kids to save some money using this unicorn coin bank. It is a lovely gift that can teach your children the value of being thrifty. Besides, the unicorn coin bank makes excellent bedroom decors. You can look for this item in various colours and display them on a rack or your kids' table. You can also label them, depending on what your kids want to buy using their accumulated money.


Unicorn Dress - Allure the crowd by wearing a unicorn-themed dress. Apparel that uses pastel hues will never go out of style. It is simply fashionable and can be worn at birthday parties or in your family reunions. Both kids and adults can wear unicorn-themed clothing. Usually, sewers make use of colourful tulles to create whimsical apparel. 


Unicorn Inflatable Party Tube - Inflatable party tubes are ideal for pool parties and camping. The pastel-coloured unicorn inflatables can offer enchanting feels. These items are also excellent decors in the summer season. If you will buy one, look for a unicorn inflatable that easily compresses and deflates so that you can pack it for your tent or hammock camping on the beach or lake. Also consider an inflatable made of premium UV treated raft-grade PVC because it is ideal for beaches, lakes, pool, and rivers.


Unicorn Insulated Tumbler - Enjoy your favourite drink, whether you want it hot or cold using a unicorn insulated tumbler. It is an ideal item for campers, hikers, and travellers who want to have coffee anytime and anywhere. Having a tumbler with an enchanting unicorn as the design will surely delight any unicorn lover.


Unicorn Lights - There are bedroom lights that make use of the unicorn theme. These lights are perfect gifts for unicorn lovers because they look spectacular at night. Decorating a bedroom with unicorn lights would make you want to dream of these mystical creatures. The rainbow-coloured unicorn lights look amazing even in the morning.


Unicorn Mug - Your kids will be thrilled to drink their favourite hot chocolate or milk using this unicorn mug. It is also an adorable and practical gift that your children can keep. It can be their ideal kitchen accessory, which they can use anytime. Not only that, but you can also put their favourite dessert in this precious mug. Make a whimsical ice cream time with your kids using this unicorn mug. 


Unicorn Necklace - If you want something precious that you can gift to your special someone, then a unicorn necklace could be your best option. This gift can symbolize enchantment, magic, and miracles. It is also a fashionable accessory that your loved one can wear. 


Unicorn Pillows - Pillows also make great gifts on any occasion. These items are practical and useful presents. You can transform a simple pillow into a unique gift when you choose a unicorn-themed. Anyone who loves unicorns will be delighted to hug these charming cushions.


Unicorn Pouch - Be more organized using a unicorn pouch. It is a pretty organizer where you can keep your make-up, school supplies, or even your stylish accessories. Anyone who is fascinated with unicorns will love this small multi-coloured bag that has some mystical feels.


Unicorn Squishy - A stuffed toy is a classic and adorable gift that you can give to children. Find a cute and fluffy unicorn in toy stores or online markets. Your special someone will surely love a squishy that is huggable and makes a pretty decor on the bed.


Unicorn Slippers - Who would not want to use slippers that can give you a dazzling feeling? Unicorn enthusiasts will be pleased to wear a pair of unicorn slippers, which are perfect for a pyjama party. 


Unicorn Tea Set - Make your kids happy by giving them this unicorn tea set. It is something that they can use when playing with their friends. Your children will be thrilled to invite their best friends over tea party using this precious unicorn tea set.


Unicorn Watch - Your daughter will be delighted to have a unicorn watch that can give her time updates. This trendy timepiece can spice up your casual outfit. If you are searching for a precious gift, then this endearing timepiece could be the best unicorn item for your kid.


Whether you are a child who likes to collect lovely items or an adult who is fascinated with pastel colours, you will love any unicorn item. The list above is just some of the gift ideas that you can consider. There are other whimsical unicorn items that you can find in local and online stores.