Camping Essentials for Backcountry Adventures

Some people experience burnout at work since they forget to find time for relaxation. This can also be due to overwhelming tasks and pressures on deadlines. For people who are always busy at work, it is crucial to unwind. Doing so will not only alleviate your stress, but it can also improve your mental state, making you more productive in the workplace. There are many ways to have some fun. Wherever you are, whether you are living in a city or a rural area, there are various exciting activities that you can do in the Great White North. If you have spare time or you are on a vacation mode, you may consider going on a backcountry adventure. It will not only provide the serenity you need, but it can also give you memorable experiences. From camping to hiking and other fascinating activities in the wilderness, more recreation awaits you in the country.


What to Do in A Backcountry Adventure


Having a backcountry adventure doesn't only mean that you will venture in less habited areas. The truth is, you can do a lot of things while you are taking a trip to the country's breathtaking landscapes. To have an unforgettable experience, you need to plan first where to go. You have to decide whether you will have a day trip or an overnight stay. It is because some tourist destinations require registration or reservation before you can use the facilities and amenities. In this way, you can determine what to bring for your trip. For daytime adventures, you may opt for hammock camping since hammocks are lightweight, allowing you to bring more items in the campground. On the other hand, if you bring a car, then you may prefer pitching a tent to your chosen campsite.


Besides camping, there are other thrilling activities that you can try while you are staying on your campground. Here are some ways to have the best camping experience:


Enjoy water activities. If you are camping near a lake or river, then it is a perfect opportunity to try some water activities. There are tons of recreation that you can do with your family and friends. You can relax while boating or try more thrilling adventures like canoeing and surfing. Other activities that you can do include fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, tubing, or water skiing.


Explore nature. Backcountry camping allows you to venture into amazing places that you have never been to before. It will make you appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the country's stunning landscapes. While savouring the panoramic scenes, you can engage in birdwatching and photography.


Play extreme sports. If you are camping in a vast terrain, then try playing your favourite sports or any physical activity that can boost your energy. Take part in baseball, disc golf, lawn bowling, soccer, and other ball games that you can enjoy with your loved ones.


What to Bring in a Backcountry Adventure


If you are travelling across Canada and exploring the wilderness, then make sure to bring the complete camping gear that you may need for your trip. In this way, you can ensure that no important item will be left behind, giving you some peace of mind. Although you can add more items you like for the trip, listed below are the camping essentials that you need:


Clothing - Backcountry adventures require clothing that is suitable for camping or hiking. When dressing up, you have to consider the weather. Pack some garments to prepare for the worst weather conditions. Some apparel that you may consider include beanie, fleece jacket and pants, gloves, hiking boots, jacket, thermal underwear, and sandals. For the cold weather, consider dressing up in clothes that can keep you warm.


First Aid Kit - You will never know what will happen while you are on a backcountry adventure, so it is crucial to be prepared at all times. Consider packing a first aid kit that you can use in times of emergencies. Bring over-the-counter medicines and sanitary items. You may also include survival tools such as duct tape, emergency tarp or reflective blanket, phone, two-way radio, and whistle. Have a list of emergency numbers that you can contact if an unwanted event happens.


Kitchen Utensils - Whether you are having a day trip or overnight camping, it is crucial to bring all the necessary kitchen utensils that you will use for cooking and eating. It is because only a few campgrounds can provide the amenities you need for kitchen purposes. Some campsites also don't have potable water, so you may need to bring your own water. Try to bring bowls, coffee cups, pots, spoon and fork, utility knife, fuel, and the like. Bring some ropes for food storage, but you can also use paracords.


Navigation -  Even though you know where you are going, or you have a tourist guide with you, it is still vital to have navigation tools. These items will help you if you get lost in the wilderness. Some tools to consider are a compass, field guide, GPS, map, and wilderness permit. Consider telling your relatives where you are going so that someone will know where to find you once an emergency happens.


Shelter - Whether you are camping in the summertime or the winter season, you need something to protect you from extreme heat or cold. You may choose between a tent or hammock, depending on your comfort. When picking between the two, you also have to consider your company. If you are camping with many people, then a big tent is recommended. Other camping essentials to bring are paracords, sleeping bags/pads, tarps, and mosquito netting.


Sometimes, all you need is to explore a beautiful place to unwind and relax. Taking a backcountry adventure is a simple yet exciting recreation that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Since Canada is home to many great destinations, it would be less challenging to choose a perfect location. When camping to your desired campground, make sure to bring all the camping essentials to create a hassle-free and memorable experience that you will never forget.