Excellent Canadian Locations for Winter Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is a fascinating way to spend your vacation. It allows you to unwind and make time for your family and friends. You can also engage in hammock camping while doing other exciting things, such as hiking or skiing. However, hammock camping becomes challenging during the winter season. It is because you need to add some camping accessories to keep you warm. There are also camping sites that are not available on winter days. Worry not because there are several Canadian locations that you can explore while enjoying hammock camping.


Where to Do Hammock Camping

Canada always exceeds its visitors' expectations when it comes to breathtaking scenes. Not only it is home to a lot of world-renowned sites, but this country is also famous for its welcoming locals and multicultural cities. Canada provides excellent locations where you can perform a variety of thrilling adventures, such as hammock camping. During winter days, here are the best places where you can do this exciting activity:

Gatineau National Park - With diverse ecosystems, Gatineau National Park offers a lot of photography opportunities to locals and tourists. It is rich in breathtaking views that will surely leave anyone in awe. Gatineau National Park is a 361-kilometre conservation park situated 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. The National Capital Commission manages it. Visiting this national park allows you to enjoy a wide range of thrilling activities year-round. During wintertime, you may try cross-country skiing, hiking, hammock camping, and snowshoeing. 

Joffre Lakes - Visiting Joffre Lakes is a great opportunity not only for campers but for hikers as well. Aside from it being one of the most accessible lakes in British Columbia, this location offers captivating scenes. Following the hiking trail to Joffre Lakes allows you to pass other stunning lakes. For campers, you may choose to stay near the lake or the creek. On the other hand, if you will have an overnight stay for your hammock camping, it is recommended to find a higher spot where you can install your camping gear. Once done with your set-up, you may take as many photographs as you can while enjoying the spectacular alpine views. You may also start preparing some food before you engage in other winter activities.

Lake Nosbonsing - One romantic way to spend quality time with your special someone is to try winter hammock camping in Lake Nosbonsing. This place is located in northeastern Ontario, where you can find a beautiful view of pine-covered hills. Choosing Lake Nosbonsing as your campsite is a perfect way to bond with your loved ones. Start your day by ice fishing or photographing the enthralling sunrise.

Mactaquac Provincial Park - With over 300 fantastic campsites to choose from, you will surely keep coming back to Mactaquac Provincial Park. It is a recreation complex situated along the Saint John River. This family-friendly provincial park in New Brunswick offers numerous walking trails and freshwater beaches. The park also provides a lot of recreational opportunities that will keep you entertained. You may try golfing in the Mactaquac Golf Course. The winter season in this provincial park makes a great time to enjoy good food. You may visit some fine dining restaurants that feature the province's local ingredients.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park - Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is known for giving tourists fishing and hiking opportunities. The campsite is situated at the west end of Lake Diefenbaker. It is a family-friendly location where you can do several recreational activities. Aside from the engaging activities that you can do in this provincial park, you may also visit some historical sites, including the Goodwin House.

Spray Lakes - Another excellent winter camping location is in Spray Lakes West Campground. It is situated 16 kilometres south of Canmore on Highway 742 in Alberta. It provides a peaceful campground that anyone can enjoy. The good thing about this camping site is that it also provides RVs and tents which you can use for camping. Some activities that you may experience in this place include boating, fishing, and hiking. For relaxation, you may suspend a hammock between two trees. Take some rest while enjoying wildlife watching in the lovely Rocky Mountain surroundings.

Terra Nova National Park - Having 400 square kilometres of rich biodiversity, Terra Nova National Park can provide enchanting coastlines, impressive hiking trails, and abundant wildlife. Choosing this national park as your campground allows you to perform several activities that you can do with your family. Though Terra Nova National Park is a popular summer destination, you can still do some exciting events in the winter, which includes camping and hiking. There are several trails that this place offers. If you want to take photos of bald eagles or woodpeckers, then you may choose the three-kilometre Campground Trail. On the other hand, you may pick the Coastal Trail if you want to behold the majestic Pissamere Falls. It may take you approximately four hours to hike the 9.5-kilometre trail. Coastal Trail offers excellent viewing access to the Canadian Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, where you can find a lot of bird species.

Whiteshell Provincial Park - Encompassing numerous majestic lakes and rivers, Whiteshell Provincial Park is a perfect location for your camping needs. It features a lot of forested areas that are part of the Precambrian Shield. This natural park is an excellent location for hammock camping since it is home to countless sturdy trees where you can suspend the hammock. You may also do some photoshoots highlighting the abundance of the park's natural resources. Exploring the boreal forest allows you to see a variety of tree species, including black spruce, balsam fir, and white spruce.


Wintertime is an excellent season to do hammock camping in Canada. It also provides an excellent opportunity to photograph snowy mountains, frosty lakes, and boreal forests. Besides hammock camping, there are other winter activities that you may enjoy together with your loved ones.