Feeling Bored? Try These Craft Ideas and Fun Activities at Home!

Sometimes, being stuck at home could give you a feeling of boredom. Although you could be accomplishing your home responsibilities, repetitively doing them can make you a little bit antsy. There are moments when you have an urge to be productive and make the most out of your time. Don't worry about staying at home since there are lots of activities that you can do indoors. Depending on what you feel, you may choose to play board games, execute craft ideas, or try hammock camping at your yard. These simple, yet fun activities can keep you entertained at home. 


Fun Activities to Do Indoors

Staying at home for one to two days could be a perfect opportunity to sleep without setting the alarm, eat a delicious meal, or binge-watch movies on Netflix. But, when you got stuck at home for days, watching your favourite television shows or browsing the Internet could not get you thrilled anymore. If you are running out of ideas on what to do while staying at home, then here's a list of creative things to do indoors:

#1 Bake some pastries. If you love sweets, then you could bake some for yourself. Get a cookbook or watch tutorial videos on Youtube. After that, try to prepare the ingredients and follow the instructions thoroughly. You will surely enjoy decorating your cake or cookies. Call your siblings and share the pastries with them.

#2 Become a vlogger. As you will notice, different social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok are home to many vloggers. These are the people who create exciting videos and upload them on social networking sites. Some of them do vlogging to earn a living while others make videos to share their passion. If you know how to cook, dance, paint, or sing, try to make a video of yourself while doing them. You will be surprised how many of your friends enjoy watching you as you share your passion with them. Who knows, you can be the next Youtube star or become an influencer just by doing the things you love at home.

#3 Camp indoors. Whether you want to use a tent or a durable hammock, you can perform this activity in the comfort of your home. You have several options to create the best indoor camping experience. First, try to do it in your room. Pitch a tent or tie a hammock in between two poles. You can watch movies while camping. If you want to do it outside, then try camping at night. Pitch the tent at the yard where you can also place picnic mats. Lie down on the mat and enjoy viewing the night skies.

#4 Do some workout exercises. Being stuck at home is a great opportunity for you to be physically fit. From dancing to Zumba songs to following workout routines, there are several ways on how you can achieve your body goals. You do not have to sleep all day or check your social media accounts from time to time. Wear your favourite leggings, pick a workout app, and keep moving. Invite your loved ones to join you as you try to practice a healthier lifestyle.

#5 Have an indoor party. Are you an avid fan of the Coachella festival? Relive the memories of singing along with your favourite stars. Set up a bohemian tent by decorating it with pastel-coloured fabrics, dreamcatchers, pom poms, and other related items. Print posters of the famous singers and post them on your room's wall. Play a nice playlist and pretend that you are at a Coachella festival. Imagination is your limit, so do the things that will make you happy.

#6 Learn a dance. Being stuck at home is an opportunity for you to learn new skills or hone your hidden talents. If you are not into dancing, then it's time to give it a try. You can download upbeat songs from the Internet and make your dance steps. Besides, you can also follow the dance tutorials that you can find on Youtube.

#7 Listen to podcasts. If you are tired of reading books and you want to try something new while still learning, then consider listening to podcasts. Podcasts can discuss a wide range of topics that you might be interested in. 

#8 Make a DIY lavender soap. Save some money by creating your own soap with the scent of lavender. You only need a few supplies including dried lavender, goat's milk melt, lavender oil, pour base, and silicone soap moulds. You can watch a tutorial video on Youtube on how to make soap. You will surely enjoy this fun and exciting activity that you can also do with kids.

#9 Organize your room. If you want to beat boredom, then you should give spring cleaning a try. Clean your place and get rid of all the non-essentials to save up some space. You can also add significant furniture to make a new look. For space-saver furniture, you may add an inflatable couch that acts as a bed or chair.

#10 Play board games. Relive your childhood memories while stuck at home. There are many classic games to choose from that will surely entertain you. Try to play chess, monopoly, Scrabble, and Snake n Ladders. There are lots of exciting games that you can play with your family. Not only can they keep you entertained, but these games are perfect for exercising your brain.

#11 Try colouring apps. Colouring activities are not only for kids. You can also do them at home by downloading a colouring app. In this way, you don't need to buy colouring books or print photos from the Internet. This craft idea is a simple and fun activity that can enhance your creativity. It also helps you achieve a meditative state, helping you to relax and unwind while staying at home. 


Being stuck at home for days should not stop you from being productive. From indoor camping to performing physical activities, there are so many things that you can do indoors. You do not have to do the same things all over again. Feeling bored at home could be an avenue to spark your creativity and try something you've never done before.