Fun Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

School vacation is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your kids. You can do it by visiting family-friendly tourist attractions in the country. From children's museums to nearby beach resorts, there are many places that you may consider for family trips. But for some reason, you might find it challenging to find the best time when you can take your children to breathtaking locations. If you are still busy at work, know that there are different ways on how you can keep your children entertained. Camping indoors, doing some crafts, and playing board games are just some of the fun activities for kids that they can do while staying at home.

List of Indoor Activities for Kids' Entertainment


As a parent, you only want what is best for your kids. However, as much as you want to spend much time with them, there could be instances when you have no time to play with them. Even if you are at home, there could be some work responsibilities that you need to accomplish. No matter how tight your schedule is, it should not stop you from making your children feel that you care for them. Many indoor activities can keep your kids busy at home. Here are some of the must-try recreations for them:

#1 Cook food together. The kids will surely be happy to assist you in the kitchen. While wearing your matching aprons, teach your kids with simple recipes that they can try themselves. You can make no-bake desserts or no-cook meals that will give them a fun cooking experience. This interactive activity can be partnered with other indoor adventures. You can prepare the food that you will need for your indoor camping or movie marathon

#2 Do science experiments. Ignite the curiosity of your kids and let them discover beautiful things through science. There are simple, creative, and fun experiments that you can copy from the Internet. Since you are doing these with the kids, make sure that all the tests are child-friendly. You don't have to conduct complicated science experiments to entertain your children. What matters most is to do them that provides learning opportunities to them.

#3 Have fun in the backyard. If you have garden areas in your yard, you can take it as an opportunity to teach your kids in planting crops. From digging the soil and sticking a seed on the ground to watering the plants, your children will be fascinated to see how the plants grow. When considering this idea, try to choose plants that require less maintenance, so the kids don't need to have a hands-on with their plants. Besides taking care of the garden, you can also teach your kids some lessons in botany. Consider keeping a garden journal where they can take notes of the plants' scientific names. Through gardening, staying at home could provide a fun experience for your kids.

#4 Play games that stimulate kids' learning. If there are times that you are not that busy at work, then consider playing learning games with your kids. It is the type of game that enhances your children's knowledge. In this way, they can continue learning new things in a fun and interactive way. Depending on what game you will play, you can teach them about a wide range of topics, from basic things like the alphabet, numbers and colours to complicated subjects such as math and science. Imagination is your limit to create interactive activities for your kids. Here are some learning games that are worth to try:


  • Abacus - Math could be less challenging if you teach your kids the natural ways of learning it. There are many objects in your home that can improve their skills in the subject. 


  • Connect The Dots - If you have preschoolers at home, then this activity is ideal for helping them improve their writing skills. It also helps them be prepared for school.


  • Identify The Colours - This game is also for preschoolers who are still not familiar with colours. You can use colourful pom poms that they will soon segregate in containers. Try to make it look like they are playing basketball to keep them entertained.

#5 Try indoor camping. Who says this recreation can only be done outdoors? You can also do this exciting activity in the comfort of your home. If you want to camp outside, then you may choose hammock camping. You only have to find two sturdy poles where you will tie the hammock. The best thing about hammock camping is it provides convenience. It is because it is easier to set-up compared to tents.


On the other hand, you may also use a tent when camping in the kids' room. For the girls, try to give them the best bohemian camping experience. You can do this by decorating the girls' tent with pastel-coloured fabrics and dream catchers. Play beautiful songs and imagine that you are at a Coachella festival. The kids will surely appreciate your effort in building a lovely tent for them. Indoor camping is truly a perfect way to keep your children entertained while you are working at home.


Playing with your kids is a great way to bond with them. Even if you are busy at home or work, keep in mind that your children would still seek your attention. As much as possible, try to connect with them so that they will not feel that they are left behind. Try to find time to share stories to make them feel comfortable in your company. Going outside is not your last option to keep your kids entertained. From indoor camping to making slimes, there's a lot of kid-friendly activities that you can try. You can use these recreations to make your children productive without compromising your work responsibilities.