Great Outdoor Party Ideas You Should Try

Parties held outdoors are fun and exciting. Thinking they are hard to plan? No, they are not. Once you’ve chosen the perfect venue, whether it’s on a rooftop, on a terrace, in your backyard, on your vast lawn, or in a park, you will have a comfortable and fun-filled party. If you need some creative party ideas, then this article can help you.


What Makes A Great Party For Everyone?

A party is an event not only to celebrate a special occasion. It is also a chance to create beautiful memories that will make people get closer to each other. This should be a time to feel happy and delightful. It should not be an event that will be full of stress and inconvenience. 

There can be a different type of parties- wedding, picnic, cocktails, birthdays, dinner, barbecue, and other fun and memorable merriment. You might be wondering where can be the best place to hold your party. They can happen at decks, gardens, patios, halls, and other ideal areas, depending on the host’s and guests’ preference. 

Just a bit of creativity, inspiration, and resourcefulness, and you’ll be able to create an entertaining outdoor party. From DIYs to grand parties, the following ideas will be definitely helpful.


Great Outdoor Party Ideas You Can Try

1. Hold a barbecue party. This one can sound typical, but you can spice it up. Why not showcase your new barbecue dish recipes? It will be great fun for your friends and family members to indulge their taste buds with your new dishes. While cooking and eating, you can have some music playing and do some outdoor games.

2. Have a pool party. A pool party can be one of the most exciting events to look forward to. If it’s during the colder days, you need to provide your guests with warm blankets. On the other hand, if it’s during summer or beautiful weather, then you can have a lounger set beside the pool. Your guests will love this because this can allow them to indulge themselves in fun and relaxation. They will like to enjoy chatting with friends in the sun. 

3. Create a hanging table by placing it in a plank of a tree near your home. It will be fantastic to see different dishes on that table. 

4. How about a get-together party and offer a DIY salad where your guests can cook and prepare their salad meal? It’s a fun-thrilled experience for your loved ones to treasure.

5. Put creative table centrepieces such as crafted bottles, condiments, jam, and honey. This will add both visual aesthetics and innovative ideas to make your party more lively.

6. If you know that your guests love donuts, you can install a donut station and start a snack party with it. The environment will be light, fun, and of course, sweet. Then, you can prepare home-made lemonade to complement the sweet treats.

7. Set up a skewer station, so serving of meat to your guests will be mess-free and convenient. 

8. Make use of the beautiful Nature to be your perfect spot for the party. You can have it in a garden adorned by beautiful plants and flowers. For sure, your guests will love watching the beautiful flowers and other unusual plants in the area. It’s not only enticing to look at, but it can also help your guests to be stress-free.

9. Be creative with your dessert ideas. There are various you can think of for an outdoor party. You can have cupcakes, scoops of ice cream, muffins, candies, and home-made pastries.

10. You can also have a mini-wagon that will get you moving around while offering drink refills and finger foods to your wonderful guests.

11. A party can be more fun and interesting if you can infuse some card games while spending time with your guests. Seize the moments by having a fair game with them and be happy to listen to their laughter and stories.

12. It’s also a fantastic idea to have a get-together party in the outdoors while going green and eco-friendly. How to do that? Use recycled and redesigned cutlery holders as well as other utensils. As much as possible, avoid using plasticware and disposable utensils.

13. Do not forget to have a photo booth. This will, for sure, add fun and excitement to your guests having souvenirs of the party. You can also add a bubble station. Kids and adults will love them, too. 

14. Thinking to have a night party with your friends and colleagues? How about adding some items in the area with paints that glow in the dark? It can be an eye-catching, romantic, and fantastic experience for everyone.

15. Reminisce and be nostalgic during the entire event by hanging old and empty photo frames for photo ops. Such an idea will add impact to the whole party.


Other Tips To Consider When Throwing An Outdoor Party

For most people, summer is the ideal time to entertain guests during outdoor parties. Here are additional tips to make the party safe and more successful.

#1 Have a plan B. Some things happen unexpectedly, so it’s always a smart decision to always have a backup plan. For instance, you should have another option, such as when it suddenly rains, and your party is held outdoors.

#2 Consider safety. As mentioned before, there are some cases where unexpected things may happen. Be ready with a first aid kit for anyone who will need it. The host must also be prepared to offer cab services when there are guests who drink alcoholic drinks.

#3 Be safe from bugs. Staying outside can be inviting to bugs and insects. It will be great if you will have citronella candles and bug spray in the area. Of course, place them in the same place to keep them away from children.

#4 Make sure to have enough seats. In every party, it’s essential to give your guests the fun and best comfort they can have. They should be relaxed and happy as they stay throughout the event. Make sure you have enough chairs where they can sit. Or, you can lay blankets on the ground if you plan a picnic-style party.

#5 Have music as the background. You make the party lively with music as they can set the mood of the event. Prepare various genres of music and play them so guests will enjoy more the party. 

#6 Keep your drinks cold. Keep a bucket of ice so you can assure that drinks will be refreshing throughout the party.

#7 Add entertainment to the party. You can prepare games such as frisbees and other outdoor games that will fit different ages. You can think of other types of activities that can add entertainment value to the party.


Got more ideas for your next party? Feel free to share them, too.