Home Improvement: Best Window Styles

One of the things to consider when improving your home, whether for the purpose of aesthetics or functionality, is choosing a good window style. Windows are a crucial part of your home's overall architectural design and purpose. Aside from enhancing aesthetic appeal, it plays an essential role in keeping the ventilation well, allowing natural light, and promoting energy efficiency. However, certain styles may fit or may not fit based on your home structure. 


Here are some of the best window styles to consider that may correspond to your taste and need:


Single-Hung Window


This type of window features a single movable lower sash for ventilation while the upper sash remains stationary. It is commonly installed in offices, apartments, and other establishments as it offers a cheaper cost than the other hung window type. Single-hung can also be used in rooms facing walkways or patios. 


Double-Hung Window 


If you prefer to install the same hung window but allows better airflow and ventilation, a double-hung window might be a good option. It features two operating sashes that move up and down within vertical tracks. With its ability to open and tilt each sash, it makes cleaning and maintenance easier for homeowners. A double-hung window is usually used in a home with classic traditional stylings like a farmhouse, ranch, or cottage-style house. Nowadays, this window style can be seen in some contemporary houses because it is easy to operate.  


Awning Window 


Operated through a crank mechanism, an awning window is usually referred to as a crank window. This type of window is hinged from the top and can be opened outward from the bottom, requiring effortless control. It allows the flowing of air while protecting from falling light debris and rainfall. Install it in a place where ventilation is needed while privacy is not compromised, such as a bathroom or kitchen. It can be distinguished through its size, where width is more significant than its height. 


Casement Window 


This type of window is also commonly referred to as a ‘crank window’ with an almost similar style to an awning window. The casement window is hinged on the side and can be opened outward to the left or the right like a door, offering clearer views and generous ventilation. This type is commonly found above the kitchen sinks or bedroom. Opposite to the awning window, its height must be greater than its width. Meanwhile, casement windows can be best installed in homes with ample space outside.


Sliding Window 


Slide or gliding window consists of mounted sashes that open and close quickly by sliding horizontally along a top and bottom track. It has similarities to the sash window, but instead of operating up and down, it opens side by side. The sliding window offers a more precise view and ample ventilation through its large opening and easy operation. It can be a cost-effective option in saving space and energy and addressing weather issues. During cold weather, it keeps the room warm. In the summer season, it keeps the indoor cool while protecting you and the furniture from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.  


The sliding window is commonly used in the basement and rooms where unobstructed sights outside are desired, and greater ventilation is needed. It is ideal and best appreciated in areas with large spaces where the width is greater than the height. The sliding window is mechanically quite simple and durable and makes it less expensive than other types of windows. 


Jalousie Window 


This type of window was introduced and widely used in the United States through Joseph W. Walker of Massachusetts in the 1900s. Also called a louver window, a jalousie window consists of horizontal panels made of glass, acrylic, or wood attached to the window frame and uses a crank mechanism to tilt open and close. This window is widely used from home constructions to commercial buildings due to its efficiency in ventilation, especially in 'smart' or mobile establishments, simple and easy to repair, and can be trusted in controlling heat and smoke during an unexpected fire.


Fixed Window


A fixed window, often referred to as a picture window, is a type of window that is not movable or cannot be opened and closed. It is being used to see the views outside and allow natural light admission where ventilation is not needed. Since it is permanently sealed, a fixed window offers better energy saving and security. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be customized. 


Bow Window


Bow windows are usually four or more windows joined to form an arc or semicircle along the outside of the home. This window style is typically used to define a curve architecture of a house. Usually, this is installed with a fixed window and double-hung window, which is generally placed around the corner to see the other side's view. Furthermore, having more glass panes, the bow window allows more light to pass inside the home.   


Garden Window


The garden window extends out from the house and enables more light to pass through. It has side vents that provide ventilation. Conceptually, it creates a safe space for your plants to grow under the sunlight while purifying the air that we breathe. It is a perfect choice in adding an accent to any room like the kitchen area or dining corner. 


Custom Window


The custom window is always ideal for unusual architectural designs, especially nowadays that many houses are custom-built. Nothing to worry about because most window manufacturers have special services for your preferred style and construction. However, in this case, you have to invest extra money and extra patience since you are aiming for a unique and oddly shaped and challenging installation. 


Technological advancements have paved the way to discover and explore more window styles that are efficient and attractive at the same time. Although installing proper window styles is usually neglected, we cannot deny that it plays an essential role in every house – from aesthetic to safety and security, to convenience, to savings. Our home has always been a shelter, a haven, and a gathering place. Making your house comfortable to stay and live in must be your priority. Choosing from various window styles is one step ahead to achieving a place called home.