How Hammocks Can Improve Your Sleep

A hammock is a piece of durable fabric that can be suspended in the air using two poles. It is made of robust and multi-stitched nylon that can support hundreds of pounds. A hammock can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on its purpose. Many individuals prefer it because it is easy to set up. You may only need a couple of knots, trees or poles, and additional gears to complete the set-up. Unlike a camping tent, a hammock is more lightweight, helping campers lighten their hiking load. It also benefits those who go hiking and mountaineering. Besides camping advantages, hammocks can also provide several health benefits, particularly in improving your sleep quality.


The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping in Hammocks


Many individuals have already experienced sleeping in a hammock. Here is a list of the benefits that you could get when you sleep in a hammock.

#1 It provides comfort. Sleeping in hammocks promotes a more comfortable sleeping position. It gets rid of pressure points that you can get when you rest on your bed. The hammock helps you relax on a flat lay that improves your posture. Although It is mostly used for outdoor activities, you can use it as a sleeping apparatus at home.

#2 It promotes a better sleep position. Your sleeping position can affect your general health. It is why it is essential to find the best pose in sleeping. Having the right posture can reduce your risks of having neck and back pain, headaches, tummy problems, cramping, and impaired circulation. According to sleep experts, one of the best sleeping positions is to lay on your back with the head elevated at about 10-30%. This optimal position can be achieved when you use a hammock.

#3 It helps you fall asleep quicker. Besides having in an optimal position, rocking can soothe your sleep. It is proven in a study published in Current Biology. This study aimed to demonstrate how hammock swinging can modulate the physiological parameters of human sleep. The research has confirmed that the swinging motion in a hammock provides a synchronizing action in the brain. It can help you reinforce endogenous sleep rhythms.

#4 It helps you alleviate insomnia. Besides falling asleep faster, sleeping in hammocks can also provide deep periods of sleep. It is vital for those who are suffering from sleep disorders, including insomnia. There are several advantages to having a deeper sleep. It includes improving your mood, enhancing your memory, and boosting your mental performance.

#5 It improves your overall health. Sleeping in hammocks promotes better sleep quality. If you use hammocks most of the time, it can affect your overall health. Having a good sleep provides countless benefits, such as improving your memory and enhancing your creativity. It also restores energy and boosts the immune system.


Why Go For A Better Sleep?


It is vital to maintain a good quality of sleep. Here is a detailed list of convincing reasons why you should improve your sleep quality.

#1 It alleviates stress. Sleep deprivation is responsible for producing stress hormones. It can also cause high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for developing a heart attack and stroke. To prevent all of these, make sure to sleep well at night. You may also practice some relaxation techniques which can help you sleep faster.

#2 It boosts productivity. Sleep affects various brain functions, including cognition, concentration, and productivity. Having a good sleep can improve your problem-solving skills and memory performance, which are essential in being more productive, whether at school or work.

#3 It helps your body repair damaged cells. Stress and harmful exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage your cells in the body. The body has natural ways of repairing these cells. The perfect time to do it is while you are sleeping. When you sleep, the cells produce more protein, which is essential in repairing your damaged cells.

#4 It keeps your heart healthy. Lack of sleep is associated with the worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol level. This factor is one of the biggest threats to having heart disease and stroke. You need to keep your heart healthy by getting 7-9 hours of sleep to reduce the risk of having the mentioned illnesses. Besides, It will also help you improve your blood circulation.

#5 It reduces the risks of getting depression. An imbalance in serotonin levels may affect your mood, which can lead to depression. Serotonin is an essential chemical in the body that acts as a neurotransmitter. It helps relay signals within the brain. Quality sleep can improve the levels of serotonin in your mind, where this chemical performs its primary functions.

#6 It reduces the risks of having cancer. People who often lack sleep have higher chances of developing cancer, specifically breast and colon cancer. It is according to Mark Stibich, Ph.D., the founder and chief scientific officer of Xenex Healthcare Services. Since some individuals work the late shift, they are more prone to light exposure. Stibich explained the correlation between light and melatonin levels. Melatonin is essential for regulating your sleep. It is believed to protect you from cancer because it helps suppress the growth of tumours.


From improving your sleep position to completing the recommended number of sleep hours, there are different ways to enhance your sleep quality. One way to improve your sleep posture is by opting for a hammock. Transitioning from sleeping in bed to using a hammock is optional, but it is highly recommended if you have sleep problems.