How to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

When you are tired after working all day, it is recommended to have some rest or take a short nap in a comfortable lounger. You may choose to sleep in your bedroom. However, it is quite challenging to destress if your bedroom space doesn't give you some relaxing vibes. It is why it is essential to reorganize and make a cozier room. There are a lot of ways to create a relaxing place, even if you have a small space. From using storage boxes to decluttering some unnecessary stuff, you are capable of fitting more storage in your bedroom and making it cozier to stay at.


Smart Tips to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

For a tiny bedroom, you might need a little makeover to maximize it. You don't need to spend too much because there are simple ways to create more storage for your important things. If you are thinking of having a new look for your room, then try to consider the following tips:

#1 Consider mounted lights. Using floor lamps or table lamps also takes up some bedroom space. You may get rid of this furniture and use mounted lights instead. Doing so can provide some floor space where you can place other things. Using mounted lights is a space-saving idea that you can consider anytime. When selecting night lamps, try to choose one with a swinging arm so that you can adjust it upwards or downwards. Another option is to utilize pendant lights. These are light fixtures that you can hang from the ceiling.

#2 Remove all the clutter in your bedroom. Though you are cleaning your room regularly, it may still look messy if you have a lot of things in your area. To find more space, you may need to get rid of all the items that you no longer need. If you think they are still in good condition, you can give these things to those who need them. For example, you can have more space in your wardrobe if you will take out all the clothes and accessories that do not fit you anymore. 

#3 Hide your stuff under your bed. If you have items that you are not using, but you might need in the future, then place them on storage bed. You can either buy it on local and online stores or create your own. Another option is to use boxes and containers which you can find at home. Reusing cartons is an eco-friendly way of reducing wastes. Once you have placed your items on these containers, you can keep them under your bed.

#4 Move your big assets to another room. If you have significant assets inside your bedrooms such as television or gaming system, then you may consider moving them in the living room or another relaxation area. It may be comforting to watch television while lying on your comfy bed, but placing this appliance can take up a lot of your bedroom space. If you are eager to have a larger room area, then try to consider this option. 

#5 Organize your dresser. Some individuals hang their clothes and accessories at the back of the door because there is no more space inside their dressers. To find more area for your clothes, try to use drawer dividers to be more organized. You may use small boxes where you can keep your accessories. You can also watch tutorial videos on YouTube where you can learn how to fold your clothes to save some pace.

#6 Place some door hooks behind the door. If you can’t find enough storage space for your accessories and other essential items, then you may hang them on the door hooks. Try to attach these hooks behind the door. Be organized as possible when using the back of the door so that the items will not create a messy look.

#7 Suspend small tabletops from the ceiling. Another unique idea to create more space is to hang small tabletops from your bedroom's ceiling. It can give you extra space where you can put lightweight items. You may place small indoor plants to help you relax in your room. Plants like philodendrons and photos are houseplants that can purify the air. They get rid of formaldehyde and add clean oxygen as well.

#8 Use a smaller bed. Although it feels more relaxing to sleep in a large bed, using it can consume a big space in your bedroom. There is no problem with using even a California King size bed if you have ample space, but if you have a small area, consider reducing the size of your bed. Before you purchase another mattress, you have to assess first which one you need. Find the appropriate size for you, something that is smaller than the one you have. Make sure that it can still provide comfort and relaxation.

#9 Use double-duty furniture. One excellent way to create more space in your bedroom is to use double-duty furniture. These are items that have a double purpose. For instance, you can get a durable inflatable lounger that you can either as a chair or bed. You may also find storage benches on hardware and furniture stores. It acts as a chair and storage for books, magazines and other small items. Another double-duty furniture idea is to use a dresser that can also act as a nightstand. More objects act as storage containers or dividers - you only need to find which among this furniture is the most ideal for your bedroom.


There are several ways to maximize your bedroom space. All you need is to assess which among the tips above are ideal for your room. You can simply start by removing all the clutter to look for more areas where you can keep your most important stuff. Having a tiny bedroom will not be an issue for you to have a comfortable and cozy room.