How To Meditate: For People Who Can't Silence Their Thoughts

Meditation is known as the process of transforming the mind into heightened awareness and relaxation.

Various researches have proven that meditation can help develop clarity, concentration, positivity, and calmness that help people to manage stress and become more productive in life. 

Even the most successful entrepreneurs are practicing meditation. However, some people have been trying to meditate, but they failed. They can’t seem to achieve the calmness of mind, and they had difficulty in concentrating on their thoughts.


Tips for People Who Can’t Silence Their Thoughts During Meditation

Meditating can sometimes be hard, especially for beginners, so, here are some tips that can help.

#1 Start meditating on something or reflecting on something specific. Let negative thoughts pass by, and with some practice, you will learn as times go by to silence your thoughts, and your mind becomes quiet and still.

#2 Accept that it will not be easy to put your mind in a calm and tranquil state in a single try. If you keep on trying but still haven’t achieved a meditative state, then do not frustrate yourself. Write down your thoughts on a paper. This will help you let them go.

#3 Find something to concentrate or focus on. You can try focusing on the sound of your breath or think of a light flowing into you while your eyes are closed. Finding something to focus on will help you become more open to get ready with meditation.

#4 Choose a quiet and comfortable place. You might be thinking that to be able to do proper meditation, and you need to sit with your legs crossed or your palms placed on your knees. What’s important is that you choose a place that is quiet and comfortable. It should be free from kids playing around and other possible distractions.

#5 Get rid of the common distractions. Turn of your cellphones and other gadgets that may beep notifications from your social media accounts and other website subscriptions.

#6 Keep in mind that meditation is a practice. That’s why this should be done consistently. It may be difficult at first, but when you get used to it, everything will be worth it. Everything valuable in life takes practice to achieve.  


Top Benefits of Meditation

As previously mentioned, meditation can bring a lot of benefits to people when it comes to their health, career, and self-development. Below are just some of the reasons why more and more individuals are engaging in practicing meditation.

1. Meditation aids in promoting happiness and overall well-being

Some studies linked mindfulness through meditation to self-regulation. This results to better improved physical and emotional well-being. People who practice meditation becomes happier and more satisfied in life. They also learn to appreciate the things around them with humility and gratitude.

2. Meditation helps to manage anxiety, stress, and depression better

Meditation can help people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. Individuals who have engaged in meditation feel more relaxed and less stressed. This is because their cortisol (stress hormones) have decreased dramatically.

When you are in a state of meditation, your mind becomes calm, and you handle your emotions without erupting uncontrollably, thus decreasing anger and stress. You became at ease more and did better decision-making.

3. It helps increase immunity

Several studies have revealed that meditation and mindfulness, together with relaxation exercises, can help lower the risk of cancer and other types of diseases. Meditation has also shown that it helps in boosting lymphocytes in patients. Lymphocytes are natural killer cells which aid in improving the immune system. Also, people who meditate also demonstrated stronger resistance to tumours and viruses.

4. Meditation helps in lowering blood pressure

Meditation also allows people who practice meditation to lower and control their blood pressure. Some experts believe that meditation aids in reducing the body’s responsiveness to stress hormones, including cortisol. This is one of the essential health benefits meditation can bring to humans.

5. Meditation aids in better digestion and relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a digestive problem which is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, irregular bowel movement, and cramps. More and more individuals are experiencing such an issue due to eating habits and lifestyle. Daily meditation and relaxing exercises can help relieve IBS symptoms and promote better digestive health.

6. Meditation helps promote better sleep

Meditation is an excellent way for the body to relax, stay calm, and promote better sleep. Since the mind and body are free from distractions, you can have a peaceful sleep. That will bring significant benefits to your health and will help make your immunity stronger.

7. Meditation helps enhance self-awareness

Individuals who practice meditation gain a deeper understanding of themselves, which lead them to unleash their better versions of what they want to become.

8. It aids in reducing age-related memory loss

Regular practice of meditation can help increase mental clarity and memory. This results in combatting age-related memory loss and even dementia. 

9. Meditation can Help Fight Addictions

Meditation can help create the mental discipline to break bad habits and fight addictions such as smoking, alcohol drinking, and food cravings.

10. Meditation can Help Create Kindness

Meditation can generate loving kindness, which can be extended to others, such as friends, families, and acquaintances. When someone has the peace of mind, controlled emotions, and calmness, kindness and generosity will be generated.


Final Thoughts

Meditation is a practice anyone can learn to improve their physical, emotional and mental health. This also creates a better way to unleash the better versions of themselves to achieve goals and dreams.

However, meditation is a skill which requires time to learn and master. Some people may feel disappointed and frustrated at their first try meditating. They may experience difficulty to silence their mind and maintain their focus.

Once you got meditating into a habit or routine, it will become easier and more effective. You will then realize how great the benefits you can achieve from this practice.

If you’re still searching to discover the health wonders of meditation for yourself, then today is the best time to get started.