How to Plan a Picnic for the Family


A picnic is a well-known activity for socializing. From a casual lunch with the entire family to an afternoon barbecue with friends and colleagues, picnics provide entertainment to all kinds of companies. Since it often takes place in a warm environment, it becomes a venue for a relaxing small talk. It is also an opportunity for people to build stronger bonds, foster warmth as conversation during this moment provides them with an opportunity to bond, plan and connect.




There are many benefits for going to family picnics and this is the reason why you should bring together the whole family.

Bonding. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know more about other people such as your friends, family or your kids. This allows you to focus without any distractions.




Mental Health. Spending time outside is proven to reduce levels of anxiety. Having a time with sunshine also improves the mood and reduces stress level for the entire family.




Improves Physical Health. Having a picnic during a sunny day aids in vitamin D and calcium absorption, which helps to build a healthy bone and teeth. It aids in the prevention of osteoporosis. Breathing fresh air is also beneficial for those who have respiratory problems like asthma.




Time for Reflection. The family can benefit from meditation and reflection. It is also an opportunity to lead better behaviour for the children as picnic promotes a peaceful environment that embodies harmony which affects the expression of a person.




Summer is the perfect plan for a picnic for the family. But how you prepare and choose for the right destination will make or break your picnic. Make sure to consider everything and consult each family members as this will be helpful in the success of your planning. Here are the things that we must consider in planning for the perfect picnic.




Finding the Right Location




When choosing the right location, you must consider the weather and the season. Somehow you need to match the right food, accessories and the mood you want to set. While all of us believe that summer is the right season for doing a picnic, not all places that we think can satisfy the relaxation of everyone, here are some of the suggested places that we have gathered.




Beach. Heading for a morning picnic at the beach is the perfect spot for sun worshippers and sports lovers. It is the best place for people who love the outdoors and water at the same time. There are a lot of recreational activities on the beach so nobody will get bored. Be sure to bring a beach ball, a frisbee to entertain everyone. Don't forget to bring the beach sand toy set of the little ones as this will keep them busy while you prepare for making the entire event worthwhile.




Forest. This spot is best for those who want peace and serenity. Be sure to get the right spot and settle during mid-afternoon to enjoy the calming flow of water from the river. With a lot of places to enjoy and explore, it is the perfect location for the rest of the family to reconnect with nature. The kids can enjoy a lot of activities as they can paddle, lots of rocks to climb and a lot of space to explore. Children will be able to see animals in front of their eyes, smell the rainforest and feel the beauty of nature. In places to explore, this can make the whole family healthy as you can go as a group for a short hike and explore the area. It's great for fitness and doesn't feel like an exercise.




Park. The place that is tried and tested. Never failed to amuse the whole family as it combines nature and the beauty of the entire area. This makes the place one of a kind as you can settle in your local park or even set it if you have a big backyard at your house. Park is the place where we enjoy our childhood memories. It also plays an integral part in the community as this has a significant impact on the development of children and happiness of the entire neighbourhood. You don't have to worry about the recreational activities as your children can run around safely and learn to appreciate nature.




What to Pack During Picnics




You need to bring the right food. Whether beach, forest and park, it is essential to consider that having the right food is important. Always ensure that this will not spoil or rot immediately, the temperature outside can have a significant impact on the food that we have packed. Pack as much as you can into your bag, with more substantial, most perishable items on the bottom. Remember to factor in the heat when packing for the food to bring during the picnic.




Comfort Is Key. Don't forget to accessorize to guarantee the success of the picnic. Make sure you have picnic blankets and enough seats for everyone. For a park set-up, it is best to lay a groundsheet on the floor. This is to protect from any moisture or stones and rocks surrounding the place.




It is always important for picnics to make it comfortable. Choosing PouchCouch inflatable couch lounger as one of your set-up for seating in the beach is the right choice. In a beach set-up, we want everything portable and easy to use. PouchCouch is portable and easy to use and inflate as you don-t need pumps. The material is durable and it is made from the heavy-duty parachute fabric. Easy roll-up design lets this lounger fit into the small pouch (included once you have purchased).  




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It is the easiest way to inflate through indoors and outdoors — a perfect accessory for a picnic set-up.




For picnics at the forest, we recommend using PouchCouch Camping Hammocks. These are lightweight and compact. They are made from parachute nylon fabric, which has a strong, breathable, durable, fast-drying and comfortable. Tents tend to be huge; this hammock can perfectly fit into the attached small sack in less than a minute. It is multifunctional, and the camping hammock is a perfect alternative for sleeping pad since we want relaxation during a picnic. As long as there are trees, it can be easily and quickly hang. Hammock stands, rings or hooks can also be added to ensure durability. This can stand wherever you want to relax.




To sum it up, picnics provide an excellent opportunity for the entire family. It is a great activity to relax, bond, and enjoy the sun with your loved ones.