How to Throw a Coachella Themed Party


When you speak about Coachella, it's more than music, amazing sunsets and ambiance. It is a staple festival, flower crowns, colourful designs and anything that screams about 70s.

Coachella festivals are more like the definition of chill vibes, so how to do remake this in our own party outside? We need to create a cool vibe scenario set up with pillow and comforters, or colourful streamer canopy.

Coachella is held across two weekends every April, although the dates aren’t always the same. The festival is usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Dress code

Whether you live for festival style or painfully cringe at the sound of those two words, Coachella season is upon us! While Coachella style marches to the beat of its own drum, we all know to expect the token flower crowns, crochet crop tops and abundance of choker necklaces. But whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie consider dressing for Coachella without looking like a walking cliché this year.

Stay comfortable by wearing a neutral knit dress and letting your fun accessories do the talking. Choose something in light, airy fabrics that can keep you fresh in the heat. Look for blouses which are comfortable and allow you to move because you will be dancing and jumping all day as you listen to your favourite band.


How to recreate a Coachella party in your backyard

When you can't make it to the party, make the party come to you.

Coachella is an artistic and never-ending music festival. It has now become essential to have this artistic vibe during the festival as it's all about the festival background. Colourful and iconic Ferris wheel, gorgeous butterfly and caterpillar. We are not saying that it is necessary for you to install a Ferris wheel in your backyard, but a few novelty lights can make your backyard Coachella more lively.

You can also create a colourful tipi (A tipi is a cone-shaped tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden poles). Modern tipis usually have a canvass covering. Make it a colourful teepee affair at your party and scatter teepees and tents decked out in plush pillows and patterned throws for your guests to crash, mingle and enjoy the festival vibe in.

When it comes to seating its a different scene and depends on who you are with. For a date night, it is always important to make it comfortable and cozy. Choosing PouchCouch inflatable couch lounger as one of your set-up for seating is the right choice. Since we want everything portable for a backyard Coachella party, PouchCouch is portable and easy to use and inflate, no pumps needed. The material is durable and it is made from the heavy duty parachute fabric. Easy roll-up design lets this lounger fit into the small pouch (included once you have purchased).  

It is the easiest way to inflate through indoors and outdoors. It's also a perfect gift for camping.