How to Throw A Unicorn Themed Party


Are you looking for a unique, creative, and fantastic party idea? Maybe you have seen games or movies that have featured unicorns - enchanting creatures that look like a horse with a horn. Even though they are mythical creatures, a lot of people are fascinated with them. Even some adults are fond of collecting unicorn items, from pastel-coloured tumblers to unicorn lights. For the love of unicorns, some individuals incorporate them to birthday parties and even to social gatherings. Amazingly, they are loved by many and have been a part of the success of many parties held. So if you want to add a little unicorn magic to your next celebration, make sure to create a plan to achieve this lovely theme.


What To Prepare for A Unicorn Themed Party

A great party depends on an organized plan. There are exciting and creative ideas out there that can be a big hit, for sure. If you are the host of the party, you have to consider several things to make sure that your guests will enjoy the gathering. From thinking of an excellent venue for preparing the food, it is vital that everything is suitable for the theme. Although there are numerous unicorn merchandise that you can find in local and online stores, it may be quite challenging to look for the items that you need at the party. So before you get excited about the upcoming gathering, make sure to visit nearby stores or browse online shops. Choosing the best party items can sometimes be daunting, so a little help from these ideas will be an awesome help. Below are some of the unicorn party essentials that you may consider:

Arrange a friendly playlist. Music can bring life to the party. All you need is to prepare for a list of songs that will be played at the party. Music also gets rid of dull moments. You can play all-time favourite tunes while your guests are munching on their snacks. If you are celebrating a birthday party for kids, then make sure that the songs are suitable for their age. 

Choose the perfect hues for the theme. One of the essential things to consider for a unicorn party is the colour that you will be using for the theme. You may opt for pastel hues or go for bold colours. You may also add some sparkly accents such as gold and silver. You also have the option to add glitters to the theme. Make sure that you are consistent with the colours to create a pleasing environment.

Dress like a unicorn. If you are the host of the party or the birthday celebrant, then try to make the most out of the occasion. There are affordable unicorn costumes that you can wear to match your outfit with the theme. Another option is to opt for Do-It-Yourself costumes, such as creating a unicorn headband. You can also wear anything from your wardrobe if you have no time to prepare for these DIY costumes. Consider dressing up in a colour that suits the party theme.

Gather some unicorn party decorations. From curtains to banners, you also need some unicorn decors. You can use balloons, string lights, ribbons, and other adornments for decorations. If you have time, you may also create a unicorn figure through paper mache. It is a craft technique that uses old newspapers and magazines to make a particular statuette. If you are considering a pool party, then it is recommended to prepare for some unicorn inflatables that will level up the occasion. From inflatable couch to pastel-coloured drink cup holders.

Plan the party's menu. Every great party comes with great food. Know that there are delicious meals that you can prepare even if you have a strict budget. Before you plan for the party food, it is crucial to determine first how many people will attend your party. It will help you decide how much ingredients you should buy for the occasion. There are many food ideas that you can think of when it comes to a unicorn party. For snacks, you may include unicorn doughnuts and unicorn cupcakes. If you are celebrating a birthday, you may also need a unicorn cake. You may add a party hat to any plain coloured cake to make it look like a unicorn. Or, you can also level it by making it a piñata unicorn cake. It's a little surprise for every unicorn lovers out there.

Prepare partyware. Every gathering needs partyware, so make sure that you have found a store where you can buy it. The partyware should also match the theme. Look for a supplier that can provide you with the unicorn-themed plates, cups, spoons/forks, and other necessary items.

Prepare unicorn party games. Bring excitement to the gathering by encouraging everyone to participate in unicorn party games. There are lots of activities that you and your guests can enjoy. When preparing for party games, try to include some events that match your theme. For a unicorn party, you may include a Unicron Piñata. It is a thrilling game in which the blindfolded player needs to hit a unicorn figure with lots of exciting prizes inside. Another game to try is to Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. In this game, the blindfolded player tries to pin the horn on the unicorn attached to the wall. The player's partner tries to tell directions so that the player can place the horn precisely in the area where it should be. The one who has pinned the horn on the exact area wins the game. If many players have done it correctly, then the fastest player to pin the horn will be proclaimed as the winner.

Give your guests a unicorn souvenir. Before the party ends, make your guests extra happy. Express how much you appreciate their presence at the party. You may thank them by giving them a small gift that they can treasure. It could be a goody bag filled with unicorn-themed treats or anything that your guests can keep, such as unicorn headbands or some yummy goodies.

Both children and kids at heart can enjoy a unicorn themed party. There is no age limit to have fun and be hooked on these charming creatures. Not only can they offer some good vibes, but they can also make adults feel younger — no wonder why many people are captivated by these alluring unicorns.