Must Carry Items On Your Summer Essentials


Christmas season is over. We are about to approach summer soon. It is the time of the year that we need to hit the beach. The important thing when planning a summer getaway is packing for summer essentials needed for our vacation.




Summer is one of the exciting holidays of the year. While a journey through a mountain requires to wear warm clothing and other hiking stuff needed. Summer requires us to pack only the necessary and helpful things to make our trip more enjoyable.




The best part of summer is the beautiful weather where everyone seems to be a happier and more cheerful mood. 




Proper Clothing




When it comes to the proper clothing for summer, the quality and kind of your shirt should be all cotton made. This is to help you bear the hot weather. Tank tops ensure that you remain cool at all times so you don't take the burn of the heat.




In beaches, you must carry loads of shorts that go with your tank tops. Shorts do very well in summer to keep you fresh. Keeping a classic tee will never go out of style. Rain or shine it can be partnered in short or jeans. A simple cotton white tee can help improve your look during days that you need to be on a casual look.   




A pair of jeans will also work on the planned journey and can make you like tidy on hot and cold days. Slightly cropped style can make you a summery look.




Choose the right shoe or slippers.




A pair of flip-flops is right for you to ensure that your feet get ample of air throughout your day. This is perfect when you're heading off to a warm destination; this ensures that your feet remain cool and in turn keep your body cool as well.




Bath Towels




One of the essential things for all summer holidays. Did you know that it is more hygienic to use your own towel even if there are bath towels provided by the hotel you are staying? It is better to carry our own towels.




Keep protected through sunscreen.




Whether you are going to a sunny or cold place, sunscreen is a must carry essential in any travellers bag. You must keep a bottle of sunscreen handy so that it can be re-applied whenever or wherever it is needed.




No matter how high the SPF or how quickly you slather on it, sunscreen will never adequately protect you. Experts say, that sunscreen works, but protecting yourself requires a lot more than the sunscreen alone. It is best to stay indoors when the UV radiation levels are the highest, it usually from 10 am - 4 pm in the US so protect yourself from the harmful elements.




Sunglasses to keep you protected




Protecting not only your skin but also your eyes is essential. Whether you're in direct sunlight or it's an overcast day, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the damaging UV light.




A pair of sunglasses can make a great accessory for summer vacation, it can beautify your photos and can get rid of the glare from the summer sun. This is more than enough reasons to keep this from your bag.




Water bottle to keep you hydrated




Regardless of what vacation activities you have planned, you need to be hydrated especially during the summer season. Rather than repeatedly buying bottled water. Personally, I think bringing and packing your own bottled water jug is useful.




Choosing the right water jug is essential during summer, as everybody wants an insulated one to keep the water cool. Drinking warm water during a hot run is not exactly refreshing. Invest in a beautiful power jug that will last longer and something that you can bring anywhere.




Beach accessories for an outdoor activity




If you are on an adventurous summer trip, you must start thinking of the essential needs that you must carry for you to catch up on the multitude of activities.




One of the activity for summer that we can't resist is staying at the beachfront to enjoy the sand and sun. While making the most of it is essential that you carry something that you can have as a companion.




Choosing PouchCouch inflatable couch lounger as your summer companion is the right choice. When you are planning to stay long on a beach, PouchCouch is portable and easy to use and inflate, no pumps needed. The material is durable and it is made from the heavy duty parachute fabric. Easy roll-up design lets this lounger fit into the small pouch (included once you have purchased).  




The pouch has an easy 3 step process to fill


  • Grab the end of your PouchCouch and scoop up some air to fill the first chamber. Quickly close the seal and repeat the step for the other chamber.
  • Fold the black band over itself a few times to form an airtight seal, then connect the buckle to secure it.
  • Lay back and chill out!




It is the easiest way to inflate through indoors and outdoors. It is also a perfect gift for camping.




If you are planning for a forest or hill summer vacation, the best accessory that we can offer is for the camping hammock. It is multifunctional; the camping hammock is a perfect alternative for tent, sleeping pad, hanging bed, ground mat, swing or cradle. It can be easily and quickly hang in the jungle, beach, patio and even in your bedroom as long as there are trees, hammock stands, rings or hooks. This can stand whenever or wherever you want to relax.




For hammocks, we recommend using PouchCouch Camping Hammocks. These are lightweight and compact. Made from parachute nylon fabric, which has a strong, breathable, durable, fast-drying and comfortable. Unlike tents, all the accessories can perfectly fit into the attached small sack in less than a minute.