Pool Party Must-Haves That You Should Consider

If you are thinking of the best ways to celebrate your birthday, graduation, or anniversary, then throwing a pool party could be one of your best options. Having a pool-themed party is a simple yet fun activity that everyone can enjoy, from kids to adults. It is an excellent opportunity to gather your friends and have fun with water. It is also a practical theme party, especially if you have a pool at home.


Pool Party Essentials

Having a simple pool party could be enough, but if you want to make it more exciting, then you have to think of other ideas that can make your celebration the ultimate pool party ever. To create a more thrilling celebration in the pool, try to consider these must-haves: 

#1 Dry towels - Although you can tell your guests to bring their towels, some of them might forget to carry one. It is why you have to prepare some towels, from big to small ones which will be used to dry your guests. You can place them near the pool to let your friends know that they can use them anytime. Having dry towels is a must-have since your guests are not in the pool all the time. 

#2 Food and drinks - In any celebration, food and drinks are essential. Of course, you don't want your friends and guests to become hungry. It is crucial to prepare enough food for your guests. You can do this by knowing the exact number of people who will come to celebrate with you. For drinks and other beverages, you can place them in a cooler to keep them cold all the time.

#3 Fun games - Prepare fun and exciting games that everyone can enjoy. You can use these games as icebreakers or avoid any awkward happenings. Include games where many people can participate, including poolside basketball or beach balls. Having fun games is an excellent opportunity to let your guests meet new friends.

#4 Inflatable holders - Take your party to the next level by adding colourful inflatable holders. These inflatables can provide convenience to you and your guests because they can hold your drinks while you are in the pool. With these items, you don't have to carry your drinks or place them on the ground. Besides the convenience these items give, inflatable holders can be used for your selfie needs. These inflatable holders come in different shapes and sizes, which are available in online shops. You can pick from cactus, donuts, flamingos, and even your favourite pizza. 

#5 Inflatable hammock - Having an inflatable hammock is also an excellent idea for a pool party. It can be utilized as a chair or a flotation device. You can also use the inflatable hammock to have some rest, especially if you get tired of swimming. You can lie down on it while tanning your skin. It is easy to inflate since you don't have to use an air pump. 

#6 Loudspeakers - You can avoid a dull and boring party by playing nice music in loudspeakers. Music can make any party an enjoyable one. Try to choose upbeat music or any playlist which your guests can sing along. Make sure to consider wireless speakers so that you don't have to worry about the cables. Besides, tangled wires can cause sparks, resulting in fires and other accidents. Having a Bluetooth speaker is one of the recommended options to avoid using cables. Apart from having a wireless speaker, you also have to make sure that it is waterproof so that you don't have to dry yourself every time you will change the music. If you are having a night party, be considerate to your neighbours. Try to be more mindful of your nighttime noise level.

#7 Pool decors - If you have other themes apart from the pool party itself, then you can make it more realistic by adding essential decorations. For instance, if you have a Bohemian idea, try to add colourful dream catchers and other pastel-coloured items. You may add tropical accessories if you choose to have a Caribbean pool party. For night time pool parties, you may add lighting to create a pleasant ambience. Consider glow sticks and other glowing items. You don't have to spend too much on the decorations. With your creativity, you can craft pool decors out of recycled materials. 

#8 Sunscreen - It is highly recommended to give your guests sunscreen lotions to protect their skin from the sun's harmful rays. Staying under the sun is fun, but you don't want to have sunburns, right? Try to set-up a sunscreen station where your friends can find a variety of SPF.

#9 Umbrellas - These are essential items, especially for your friends who don't want to stay long under the sun. Place a few numbers of patio umbrellas that can give shade to your guests. You may opt for colourful ones to create a summer vibe to your party.

#10 Backyard grill - Although it is optional, having a backyard grill is a must-have for those who love grilled foods. Besides, your guests will surely enjoy having a grilling station where they can freshly cook their food. With a backyard grill, you can cook a variety of seafoods that you and your guests can delectably eat. You may also cook burgers, hotdogs, chicken or even marshmallows.


Summer or not, you can still have an enjoyable pool party with your friends. Planning for this fun celebration is the first step to make it come to life. Try to include the items listed above to throw the best pool party that you could have.