Reasons To Go Camping in Spring

When planning for camping or for outdoor activities at the mountain or forest, spring is the exemplary climate for those who want pleasant weather. During summer some camping sites are so busy that sometimes they seem noisy. If you want a peaceful atmosphere that will allow you to feel more connected to nature and the environment, springtime can be your best choice.

Scheduling your camping trip in spring doesn't mean that you will be alone. This only means that you will have a secluded place for a more private camping experience. While many schedule their camping trip in summer because of many great experiences, it's not the only time to do it. Spring offers many unique camping activities and opportunities that should not be missed.  

Spring is the most beautiful time to go camping simply because it is where nature begins to wake up. It is a beautiful time to get out hiking and camping because trees are beginning to bloom and the trails are not overly crowded. You can also find serenity in the forest more easily in spring. You can also enjoy the quiet awakening of nature's transition to warm weather.

However, spring can also be one of the trickiest times to hike and camp. It has an unpredictable condition which requires careful preparation because of the abrupt changes on the weather.

Tips Before Going to a Camping During Spring

It is best that before trying out for a spring trip, take a moment to review some essential reminders before getting out of the garage and dart out of the trails.

Check the Condition of the Place. Before going out for a trail and camping, ensure to check first with the park authorities so that they can provide information about the conditions. They will let you know if it’s still snowing or not so you can make preparations. This is also for safety purposes as this will give you a precaution on your trip. Spring is a tricky condition, and it can have a drastically different forecast from time to time.

Expect the Unexpected. As spring is one of the most unpredictable weather when it comes to hiking, it is best to expect that trails could have changed over the winter. This is due to erosion from melting snow, missing trail markers and sometimes flooding. There will be unpassable streams and sometimes even hikes that you know will take much longer due to unpredictable conditions on the trail. Some people are prone to experience hypothermia during spring because their body loses heat more quickly; therefore, staying dry at all times is essential.

Give Your Gear a Test. Spend some time to familiarize yourself on your gear. It is best to set up a camp on the backyard or living room to make sure you know how to set it up — making sure that all components and features work and fit together. Your tent should work and function well as this will provide you with the utmost protection for the conditions.

Once weather condition has been checked and identified, we can say that spring is still an entertaining time to go camping or to do an outdoor activity. It is best for us to assess if it is an excellent camping condition that might take for an even better experience. Here are some of the reasons why we should consider spring with good weather to camp.

Benefits of Spring Camping

Less Crowded. Spring is less populated compared to summer camping but you will still likely have enough companion that you feel safe and this can be a good venue to socialize.

Fewer Bugs. Bugs and insects are not a concern when you camp during spring. These can still be present in the spring however not that prominent during summer. However, It is always best to bring bug or insect spray so it can be used anytime that it is needed.

Amazing scent of Trees, Grass and Flowers. All plants especially flowers are in full bloom since winter comes to a close. It has a great benefit as there is something about springtime air that is so wonderful and perfect for beautiful photos. While it is an ideal scenery and fresh air for some, keep in mind that someone with allergies might end up with a sneezing and itchy eyes.

Fewer Health Risks. Camping in spring can also help reduce health risk compared to summertime camping. This is because campers will less likely experience sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration. It is still best to bring sunscreen during spring to protect our skin and take necessary precaution to prevent heat-related diseases.  

Since we were able to identify the benefits of camping in spring, let us take time to check simple tips things to do and to avoid while we are in the location.

Tips for Your Camping Trip

Take Extra Blankets to Stay Warm. Outdoor sleeping during spring can be cold. It is recommended to bring extra blankets to keep you warm during cold nights. If possible, a thermal blanket should be carried. It is much better to bring an extra blanket instead of ending up freezing at night.

Take Extra Footwear and Clothes for Changing. When expecting bad weather always pack extra clothing to keep your body warm. It is best to bring other clothes, something clean and warm that you can wear inside the tent.

Plan Entertainment During Bad Weather. As expected, bad weather can often force a change of plans. Sometimes the grand walks you have planned could end up in the tent. It is best to anticipate this kind of situation by bringing something that can make you busy.  Reading a good book or loading your tablet with several movies can help as this will make entertain for a while. For families with children, it is best to bring supplies of books and game boards so that kids are still able to enjoy the whole experience.