Staying at Home: 7 Ways to Be More Productive

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought health risks to a lot of people. That's why most countries have initiated lockdowns to prevent the spreading of the virus. Since everyone is expected to stay at home as much as possible, some of you might be taking a break from work. While others could be continuing working remotely due to travel restrictions. As a student or working professional, there could be instances when you are demotivated to accomplish your tasks. Perhaps, you may want to finish them, but you might be struggling to do your responsibilities efficiently. Know that there are several tips that you may follow to make yourself more productive. Considering them can help you a lot in terms of accomplishing your tasks.


Tips to Achieve Productivity While Staying at Home

For sure, you are doing your best to finish your projects and tasks even at home. However, there could be some distractions that may hinder you to become more productive. Some of you might want to binge-watch some movies, watch exciting videos on the Internet, or finish a chapter from your favourite novel. It was quite challenging to stay focused on your tasks while being surrounded by these exciting activities. So if you want to boost your productivity at home, try these tips below:


#1 Be strict with your schedule.


When studying or working from home, you could have more time to spend with your family. There could be instances when you have a flexible schedule. But to become more productive, make sure to schedule your tasks to monitor the progress of your work. For example, you may allot half an hour to check emails and other notifications. See if you haven't missed any instructions from your professor or boss. After that, you can start doing some more manageable tasks to have more time to do the challenging ones. Having a schedule allows you to become more proactive and efficient.


#2 Keep your phone away from you.


Your phone could distract you from working, especially if there are unnecessary calls and messages. Besides, it could tempt you to use social media, so try to keep it away from your workspace. If you are thinking about important calls, you may keep your phone, but make sure to place it where you will not often see it. Prohibiting yourself from checking your phone from time to time will help you focus more on your job responsibilities. Think that you can have your phone during break time, so don't be too anxious if you wonder if someone has messaged you. Like mentioned earlier, you can have a schedule for checking the notifications, including on your phone. Discipline should be a key trait for you to have.


#3 Organize your workspace.


It is essential to create comfortable workplaces that will inspire you to work efficiently. Sometimes, all you need is to declutter some stuff and organize your workspace. You may avail of some desk organizers so that you can keep your things neatly. Try availing some cable organizers so that there will be no messy wires. You may also consider space-saving furniture to make your room more organized. Examples of space-saving furniture are those that can be used for various purposes. For instance, you may use a portable couch that you can use as a bed or a cabinet that can also be your desk.


#4 Play background music.


If you are more comfortable working while listening to music, you may do it as long as it will not distract you. Some people are more relaxed and motivated to do their tasks if there's background music. Perhaps, you may try classical music to boost your productivity. Some past studies have shown that classical music can improve a person's mood and productivity. So if you think that this could help you, you may try listening to this kind of music to become more demotivated at work.


#5 Take a break after a few hours of working.


Try not to overstress yourself from studies or work. You may schedule a 15-20 minute break time so that you can have time to unwind yourself. You may use this time to check if you have missed some phone messages or if you need to call someone. You can also have some snacks or walk in your backyard to breathe some fresh air. No matter how busy you are, try to walk around your room for a couple of minutes to get yourself away from prolonged sitting. You may also do some stretching or simple and light exercises to be more active at work.


#6 Use ergonomic accessories to keep an active lifestyle.


Using ergonomic accessories like standing desks can help you achieve an active lifestyle. Improving your posture is one of its health benefits. But aside from correcting your stance, it can also boost your productivity by enhancing your mood and overall health. If you are more comfortable with sitting, you may consider sit-to-stand desks so that you can easily switch from sitting to standing and vice versa. In this way, you can still keep an active lifestyle while working from home.


#7 Work as early as you can.


It is highly recommended that you work as early as possible to finish the tasks ahead of time. Besides, if there are revisions to be made from your proposals or projects, you will have time to change them. Instead of cramming at night, you can have more time for family bonding since you have accomplished the tasks earlier. 


Discipline is indeed vital for you to become more productive at home. You have to stay focused and keep motivated so that you can accomplish your responsibilities. If you are having a hard time doing some tasks or you are losing some motivation, try to unwind and follow the tips mentioned earlier. Determine which tip will work best for you and continue to do it whenever you need to regain your focus. Studying or working at home will become more fun if you apply the right ways to accomplish your goals. Instead of becoming distracted quickly, try to finish your tasks as soon as possible. In this way, you'll have more time to spend with your family and friends.