The Basic and Essentials Equipment You Need for Hiking

One of the delightful ways to experience nature with friends or family is a day hike. Whether you want to get to the mountains or even just in the parks. The most important that you need is to plan your outdoor activity carefully. Preparing a checklist is the best way for you to know what are the essential things to bring in a hike. Beginners should consider this as the key to survive.

To determine what essentials you need to bring on a day hike, you have to think about how you will plan to hike; you need to check the location and weather forecast of course. In general, you have to think if the area is remote because if that’s the case, you need to bring more clothes, food and water before you proceed with your plan for the hike. Here are the essential things needed when you are on a day hike.


It is important to bring a backpack that is high-quality, lightweight and durable that won’t wear off immediately over time. It needs to be lightweight because you will be bringing essential things and it could add up some weight. It is vital to invest in a good backpack rather than buying a cheap one that will wear off. You may not notice it, but if you often have your backpack repaired, the amount that paid for the repair is the same with the price of a quality backpack.

GPS & Maps

Understanding where you want to go and where you are going is key to enjoying your hike. Maps and GPS are best to combine for hiking beginners. It's important to read the map and study your location before going for a hike. If the weather is not good, you have to keep the map in a ziplock so that it won’t get wet.

Proper Hiking Shoes & Clothing

Some say that you don’t need a hiking shoe, but others say you need one to support your ankle and at the same time to protect you from the debris and rocks that you are stepping while you trail.

I don’t know which one to recommend, but based on research it is essential to invest in good hiking boots to offer the maximum level of protection. All approve this instead of wearing the usual hiking sandal. Several documentaries say that when you are wearing good hiking boots, you don’t feel much of the trail. They are heavier and can make use of your energy while wearing them, however, you are sure that your feet are 100% protected.

It is also important to wear quality clothing for a variety of weather condition when you're at a hike. This is commonly neglected because some people believe that they can wear anything for a hike. You don’t need to buy an entirely new one if you are a beginner. You will need only the basics to stay safe and comfortable. Here are some of the basic ideas that I was able to get from some of the experts in hiking.

If you are hiking in warm weather, make sure that the base layer you wear is a synthetic t-shirt and shorts. While in cold weather, it is important to wear long thermal underwear. For a warm, insulating layer, it is best to wear a comfy wool sweater as this will provide warmth if it gets chilly.

During times of windy and rainy days, a waterproof/windproof layer is important. Both rain/wind jackers and hiking partnered with rain pants must be worn. The jacket will keep you dry or warm on windy and rainy days. The pants, on the other hand, will keep you warm and protected from muds.

Sleeping Bags/Hammocks

A sleeping bag is essential as this will protect you from harmful elements, and this will keep you warm when the temperature drops. When choosing the right sleeping bag, it is important to check the reliability when you make your purchase. It is essential that you have a feel on your sleeping bag before you purchase as this will keep you warm in the long process.

If you are planning for a quick rest in your trail, the best accessory that we can offer is for the camping hammock. It is multifunctional; the camping hammock is a perfect alternative for tent, sleeping pad, hanging bed, ground mat, swing or cradle. It can be easily and quickly hang in the jungle, beach, patio and even in your bedroom as long as there are trees, hammock stands, rings or hooks. This can stand whenever or wherever you want to relax.

For hammocks, we recommend using PouchCouch Camping Hammocks. These are lightweight and compact. They are made from parachute nylon fabric, which has a strong, breathable, durable, fast-drying and comfortable. Unlike tents, all the accessories can be perfectly fit into the attached small sack in less than a minute.


Aside from GPS and Maps, one of the essentials that we need to plan and bring is water and food. One of the basic rules in hiking is that food should be carefully planned while you are on a hike.

Hiking is a high energy sport; it is essential to have adequate energy levels as it is vital for hikers to sustain their psychological needs. There are studies that most of the injuries incurred in hacking are brought fatigue which in turn a reason dehydration because of lack of water intake. It is critical to plan the food as this will keep you moving carefully.

Adequate fluid intake is crucial to any physical activity. It can make you last longer so you can benefit the performance and control of your actions. For food intake, it is important to take turns and consider cooking arrangements. Some hikers can eat food when they stay at a lounge. But there are also who remain in an open hut, that requires to cook food on their own.

Proper preparation and planning is the key to a successful outdoor venture. Preparing a checklist is to make your hike safer and more enjoyable. The hiking gear and essential mat vary depending on the type of hike you have planned and the destination you will take.