The Best Indoor Camping Ideas for Families

Camping is one of the most exciting activities that families may enjoy. Many camping sites allow you to do activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, snorkelling, and zorbing. However, it can be challenging to perform these recreational activities if you want to go camping during the rainy season.

Since the weather is unpredictable, having indoor camping could be your alternative. Moreover, you can perform it during any season or weather condition as you have a lot of indoor activities to choose from.


Indoor Camping Ideas

Although the rainy season may hinder you from doing several outdoor activities, you can still have fun with your family by going to indoor camping. Here are some ideas:

#1 Set up a tent or hammock. One thing that you have to consider when camping either outdoor or indoor is to have a tent or hammock. For indoor camping, you may choose an area suitable for your family size. After picking a site, you can start setting up your tent or hammock. Try to add decorations like lanterns, paper flowers, pillows, and fairy lights to stimulate a cozy feeling. To create more wonderful memories to your indoor camping, you may also hang strings of your family pictures.

#2 Create an indoor campfire. You can still create an artificial campfire even if you are inside the house. You may use rolled construction paper to make pieces of logs. Red, yellow, and orange papers can be used for the fire - Real fire should not be used. It is safer for kids-. Not only that, but it can also boost your child's creativity in doing this kind of arts and crafts.

#3 Prepare camping snacks. One of the best things that makes excellent indoor camping is good food. Since the kitchen is more accessible, you can cook delicious food for the whole family. Try to prepare some goodies and snacks for your children. Even though there is no real campfire, your family can still delight with some s'mores. 

To make these goodies, start by toasting marshmallows on the stove. Then, put it on top of a graham cracker with chocolate spread. Place it in the oven and wait for 15 minutes. Other snacks that your kids may love are popcorn, pretzels, and mixed fruits. For heavier meals, you may cook burgers, barbeque, or grilled chicken.

#4 Play with fun, indoor games and activities. Spend quality time with your family by playing board or card games. You can also do a scavenger hunt with your kids. Doing fun activities can keep your children entertained. Having good times with them can reduce your stress levels and strengthen ties with your family.

#5 Take advantage of the dark. If you and your family are going on indoor camping at night, you can entertain your kids by playing with shadow puppets. You can create different characters using board papers and use these puppets to tell stories to them.


Game Ideas for Indoor Camping

Listed below are some of the indoor games that you may want to try with your kids:

#1 I Spy - To play this game, you have to pick one object around you and describe it to your children. For example, you can say, "I spy something red." Your kids need to look around and guess the red object that you are referring to. The one who can guess it right will be the next one to spy a thing. This find-it game can increase the players' awareness of their surroundings. It is a simple, yet fun activity for any age.

#2 Listening Game - As the game master, you have to collect different objects that can create distinct sounds when tapped on the table. You need to show these things to your children. After several seconds, they have to cover their eyes and guess the object that you will tap on the table. The child who can guess the most number of objects will win the game.

#3 The Balance Beam - This game has several variations depending on the rules that will be set by the game master. To start playing, you need different colours of masking tapes that you will stick to on the floor. Your children need to walk from the starting point and reach the finish line. The exciting part is that they have to walk only on the tape and not on the open floor. Each colour should have a rule. For example, when you step on the red one, you need to place your hand on your head. The first one to reach the finish line will win the game.

#4 The Cup Game - To play this game, you have to prepare cups and a table or a flat surface where you can place the cups. Your child will stack the cups and create a pyramid. They can start with 5 cups as the base. The last one who can build a pyramid will be out in the game. Repeat the process until a winner is proclaimed.

#5 Touch and Feel - To develop your child's sense of touch, you may opt for this kind of activity. The things needed for this game are small boxes and the objects that your kids will guess. You need to create a hole in the box where your child’s hand can fit in. Place the object in the box and let them touch it. They will try to guess the object inside the box based on what they’d felt. To make the game more exciting, you may place objects with different textures. You can make use of dry or slimy and smooth or rough things.


Rain or shine, you and your family can still go camping and enjoy a lot of fun games. Camping is one of the exciting activities that can enhance family relationships and develop different skills for your children. It is an excellent opportunity to create memorable experiences with your family.