The Complete Guide to Hanging a Hammock with Rope

If you want to hang your hammock with rope, it's important to use the right knots and techniques. With this guide, we'll show you how to tie the perfect knots for setting up your hammock with rope and ensure it's safely secured for all your relaxation needs.

  • Choose an Appropriate Location and Height for Your Hammock. 
  • Before tying the rope, be sure to choose a suitable spot and latch the hammock onto an appropriate height. While higher heights require more rope and knots, it's imperative that you stay within range of comfortable access. Determine if there is enough space for hanging your hammock and make sure you have sturdy anchor points as well as ample slack depending on how tall you are. 

  • Gather the Supplies You Need to Hang a Hammock With Rope.
  • Gathering the right supplies before you get started is key to successful hammock hanging. To hang a hammock with rope, you’ll need rope (and two carabiners!), a secure anchor point for each end of the hammock, and a few simple tools such as screws, drill bits and screwdrivers. All of these items should be available at your local hardware store or outdoor recreation shop. Before you start hanging your hammock, double check that all fasteners are suitable for outdoor mounting.

  • Create Anchor Points for Hanging Your Hammock From Rope. 
  • When mounting a hammock from rope, you’ll need to create two anchor points for the ends of the rope. Once these points are firmly attached, your hammock should be able to hang safely from them. For each point, begin by drilling a hole where you want the fastener to go. Then, screw the appropriate type of fastener into the wall or other surface. Lastly, attach a carabiner through each point and use it to connect one end of the rope securely to that point.

  • Tie Perfectly Balanced Larks Head Knots Around Your Anchor Points. 
  • Once the anchor points are securely in place, you’ll need to tie two balanced lark’s head knots around them. How do you tie a lark’s head knot? Start by finding the center of your rope and attaching it to the first anchor point with a carabiner. Then, make two twists in the rope starting at the carabiner and going clockwise, creating an X shape on one side of your anchor point. Next, make a loop by passing one end of the rope through this X—the end that is now on top should become your “top” strand and the end that is now on bottom should become your “bottom” strand. Finally, use these strands to tie a half knot around your other anchor point. Now, repeat this process for the second anchor point and your hammock will be ready to hang!

  • Make Adjustments as Necessary Once You Have Hung the Hammock on the Rope Support System
  • Once your hammock is installed, it’s important to make sure the tension is balanced and that both anchor points are level. To adjust the tension on the Hammock, simply pull the loop of rope at the side of your hammock until the desired tension is achieved. Additionally, if your hammock feels uneven or unstable when you’re in it, you can improve this by adjusting the length of each strand by tying a half knot or retying the knots at each anchor point. It may take a few times to get it just right!