The Difference Between Couch vs Sofa

 Every home is not complete without a sofa in the living room. Some people are not comfortable to watch TV or read a book if it not with their favourite couches.

A lot of us have the connotation that a couch is more casual than a sofa. It also has a very little difference that makes them alike. Some don't mind at all, as long as they are comfortable on how they sit and how they lie down.

Here's everything you need to know as to why couches and sofas are unique pieces of furniture.



Sofas connote an impression of being more formal than a couch. This furniture is usually seen in a living room as they add vibrancy, elegance and classiness. They are designed to provide more space and seat during parties and reunion. Some people use a sofa when they are trying to portray this classiness. It is more of a saying that once they have a sofa, it is more high-end.

Why are these being transferred from one place to another? In general, they are more slightly formal. They are situated in a formal set - up and most commonly used in living rooms. It provides more seating and this also means that they occupy more floor space. It usually provides seating space for more than three persons.

It can be defined as an upholstered bench with cushions, two arms, and space for several people to seat. A sofa can be a separate or futons sofa beds. What surprising about sofa is that they may have a pull out bed. Depending on the size, style, or setting of the sofa sometimes they are referred to as couches.


Sectional Sofa 

It is made of at least two separate sofa pieces. These are typically huge, providing a seat for more than five people. The distinctive L or U Shape creates intimacy and works well for hanging out or watching TV. Due to their size, sectionals are best suited for larger rooms. The L shape can be removed or re-position if this is to be placed in a smaller room. They are relatively lightweight; sectional sofas are also a good choice if you are considering to rearrange your room.


Futons and Sofa Beds

These are ideal for student dorms, small apartments or for accommodating overnight guests. Your futon bed or sofa bed can be easily converted, from seating into a cozy bed. Both offer comfortable sleeping surface, but futons have additional features as this can be changed or upgrade to the mattress to suit changing needs. It can be easier to move around than a sofa bed simply because you can remove the mattress from the frame and carry them separately.



A couch may or may not have a back, or may have a halfback. Sometimes it may have only an armrest on one end or had a raised end such as psychiatrist's couch, wherein patients can sit comfortably or lie down to destress. They are more on a perfect length for an adult to stretch out and grab a nap. For a guest to sleep overnight. No matter what your home's interior design style, the cushions and traditional frame are its features. They are sleek, low-profile designs with exposed metal.

Some people mistakenly think that a sofa and couch are just the same. The couch is more casual than a sofa. It comes from the French word coucher that translates "to lie down."

They are smaller than a sofa, usually can be seated by two persons.


Love Seat

One example of a couch is a love-seat. Due to their smaller size, love seats can fit into just about any space in your home, family room, bedroom and even the foyer. They are functional and offer an intimate chat or tv/movie marathon with your partner. Usually, love seats have more elaborate contours and markings to complement more conservative decor. Sometimes the designs are minimalist, with sleek, simple designs to achieve a more modern look.


Inflatable Couch  

Modern couch nowadays is in the way of inflatables that are used for outdoor activities. They are commonly used in beach or pools. These inflatable couches are used for relaxation purposes as this is meant to be in the sand an sun.

PouchCouch offers a variety of colours when it comes to the inflatable couch. It is an essential companion that you can carry anywhere. It can also be used in the park aside from the beach and pool. PouchCouch is portable and easy to use and inflate, no pumps needed. The material is durable and it is made from the heavy-duty parachute fabric. It has a comfortable roll-up design that lets this fit into the small pouch which is included once you have purchased.   

This inflatable couch can also be used as a replacement for the inflatable balloons that you can use in your pool. The three colours will definitely give life to your pool party. It can be an instant couch anywhere you want to relax. Some people are fond of using this as their sleep companion in their backyard or if they are in the park. 

The inflatable couch can also be used as an indoor couch as the size is equivalent to a normal couch or lounge sofa at your home. As long as it is adequately filled with air, you can't go wrong with this couch. It's like lying on a regular lounge sofa so that you can bring this anywhere.




Whether a sofa or a couch, it is important to ask yourself about what is the primary use for your everyday activity. Should this be for relaxing, reading or watching TV, you need to decide what brings you the most comfort since at the end of the day it is what matters the most.