Types of Camping Trailers: A Quick Guide

Fancy going on a trip? Whether it’s a quiet trip to the lake or an on-the-road adventure, camping trailers are a great way to amp up your camping experience. 

Momentary escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life are essential to clear your mind. Travelling can help you gain new perspectives and a better understanding of yourself and your environment. As you go through this journey, make sure to have the right camping trailer to accommodate your needs.

Types of Camping Trailers

Toy Hauler Trailers

Imagine your home. Okay, now imagine your home on wheelsthat’s essentially what toy haulers look like. These trailers are complete with a bed, kitchen, and washing area. They also have ample room to unload grills and an extra patio to have an intimate space for a small gathering. It is indeed ultimate-bonding-experience ready.

Toy haulers are known as trailers that feature a “garage” since they have large ramp doors for access. These ramp doors are used to load various ‘toys’ into the garage area. These can include bikes, tents, surfboards, and canoesanything that can be tied down, really. 

Toy haulers also provide mobility to pack, store, and transport your equipment. This feature is what makes toy haulers heavier and more expensive than non-toy haulers. 

Since toy haulers carry extra weight from toys, they are manufactured with higher weight-rated axles and heavier-duty garage floors. 

Teardrop Trailers

Teardrop camper trailers are much smaller than toy haulers. They could even be considered as tiny trailerslightweight with a distinct teardrop shape. From an aerodynamic perspective, its shape is the reason why smaller vehicles are able to pull them. Ample thought has gone into the designing and processing of teardrop trailers. These Recreational Vehicles (RVs)  typically have lodging for only two adults and a small kitchen in its rear. Generally, teardrop campers do not have bathrooms, but some manufacturers pre-install pop-up and portable toilets. 

Since teardrop trailers are compact, storage for items such as clothes and supplies is extremely limited. Material things are kept to a minimum. In fact, these trailers are quite popular with minimalists.

Since the central theme behind the purchase and use of teardrop trailers is the inverse of accumulating possessions, having less works. As camping trailers, they provide an affordable way to travel. To add to that, they are also easily stored as they can fit most garages and driveways that are five to seven feet long. 

Pop-Up Trailer

Pop-up trailers, commonly known as fold-out campers or tent trailers,  are more maneuverable. They can collapse to a portable size. Its constrained indoor space can surely encourage you to stay outdoors. Maybe grab a marshmallow or two and roast them by the fire pit. 

Since these trailers have very small frames, most of your items should be collapsiblepop up tables with collapsible seats and beds. You can also try fitting a mini fridge or a slim cabinet, but all your other things are best left at home. 

It is definitely possible to stay in these trailers comfortably. However, little sacrifices must be made. When choosing pop-up trailers, a no-frills resolve is a must. Be prepared for the minimum. You might even learn to love the whole ordeal. Maybe you can consider making it a lifestyle once you go back to your non-RV life.

Fifth Wheel Trailer

Fifth Wheel trailers are often used by large families. They are distinguished through one significant characteristic: they need trucks. Fifth Wheel trailers are hauled by trucks that have the capacity to tow the equivalent weight. 


These trailers lean more on the luxurious side. If you were to compare them to condominiums, they would probably be on the same tier as penthouses or family suites. If you were on a plane, they are the seats which  offer so much more leg space.

In terms of sleeping arrangements, the standard mattress size on fifth wheel trailers are queen size mattresses. It is not uncommon to have six to nine people sleeping inside the trailer. The number can increase depending on the kind of bed used. For instance, bunk beds and bunk houses are a good way to house more people. Some couches can also double as sleeping quarters. If you feel like it’s a good time to experience taking a nap outside, you can also opt to set up a hammock.

To add to that, these trailers have the best storage among other variants. Having extra storage can come in handy for your personal belongings, spare water containers  and fuel tanks. Plus, you could have even more beds. 

Hybrid Trailers

Hybrid trailers are similar to pop-up trailers. The difference is that hybrid trailers have more space and are more lightweight. This also means that they require less set-up time than pop-up trailers. In terms of storage, however, these trailers do not tend to fit in standard garages so take caution and consider where you will have to park hybrid trailers.

While you can stay at the comfort of your camping trailers, don’t forget to step out and take in the fresh air. Being outdoors is a totally refreshing experience for your senses. Anyway enjoying the view while taking a whiff off roast beef and chicken, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, as well as fresh bread and rice doesn’t seem bad at all, does it?

Take the time to unplug and reconnect with the world around you. This might mean laying a blanket on the ground to admire the stars. It can also look like simply taking a seat near your camping trailer.  Packing an inflatable lounger can be an absolute delight. As you find wholeness in the stillness of it all, remember that your personal peace and wellness are priceless.

As a final word of advice, When choosing a trailer, it helps to know how many people you plan on inviting. Is it just another person, your immediate family, your extended family, or might you be going by yourself?

Whether you are a solo traveler or you are accompanied by a bunch of people, there is sure to be a trailer for you. Anticipate how many people will stay in your trailer, and that should help you in your decision-making process. Until then, safe travels!