What to Bring on a Mountain Camping Trip

There are many ideal places where you can go camping. Usually, campers choose a campground near a mountain or lake because these areas are perfect for relaxation. Here in Canada, there are plenty of beautiful mountain locations which you can make as your campsite. Before you explore these places, it is essential to bring the necessary gear and equipment needed for your mountain camping trip.


Mountain Camping Essentials

It is important to make a great plan before you perform the camping activity. You have to pick the right location and prepare a checklist of the camping essentials. Making a list of the items that you should bring can make you more prepared for the trip. If you haven't created one, try to consider the following must-haves:

#1 Backpack - Be sure to get the right size of the backpack that you will bring in your camping trip. It should have enough storage for your food and other essentials. Try to purchase a bag that is designed for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Also, be sure to get the right fit so that you can avoid backaches and blood blisters. 

#2 Boots - Mountains have rocky terrains and challenging trails. Make sure to wear heavy-duty, high-cut boots to protect your feet and keep them from having blisters. Try to choose a pair of shoes suitable for mountain climbing and hiking. Prefer lightweight shoes so that they can provide more comfort.

#3 Camping Tent - The first thing that should be on your list is the camping tent. You have to choose the right style and size that can suit your needs. Prefer a durable style that can withstand strong winds and rain to prepare for unexpected weather changes. Also consider how many people can fit inside your tent. Bring a large one if you are camping with your family or friends. When camping at a high peak, try to pitch your tent on the slope's leeward side. It is because there is less wind in this area since it becomes milder as the wind passes over a slope's peak.

#4 Comfortable Clothes - It is important to consider the kind of clothes that you will wear on your trip. Make sure that they are comfortable and can provide warmth since being on a high peak can bring cold weather. You may prefer quick-drying clothes because they can be helpful when rain suddenly occurs.

#5 Emergency and First Aid Kit - Injuries may happen while you are hiking on the mountain. To prepare in times of crisis, always bring an emergency and first aid kit. It should include essential items like antibacterial ointments, antiseptic wipes, bandages, gauze pads, prescription medicines, splinters, and the like. 

#6 Kitchen Utensils - Bring all the necessary things needed for cooking or eating food. Try to include a firestarter, a backpacking stove, knife, small pots, and other essential cooking and eating utensils. You may prepare the food before going on the trip to make cooking easier for you.

#7 Navigation Items - From GPS to a map and compass, these navigation items are crucial in finding directions and locations. They are considered the two most important things when planning a trip. Knowing how to use them and navigate a place is vital, especially if you get lost.

#8 Repair Items - It would also be helpful if you will bring repair items such as duct tapes, knife, and multi-tool. You can use them to repair the broken things in your campground. Having a multi-tool is a must-have because it has a knife in it. The multi-tool also has other significant repair items that you can find useful.

#9 Stakes and Ropes - When camping on a mountain, expect that there will be strong winds. To be prepared, bring stakes and ropes that you will use to tie things and secure them in places.

#10 Sun Protection - It is vital to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. When you are on a mountain camping trip, expect that the sunlight is more intense. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, dry skin, and other skin irritations. For protection, bring sunscreen and aloe, which you can apply to your sensitive areas, including your face and neck. It is also significant to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. That's why make sure to wear sunglasses that are ideal for mountain camping. When picking sunglasses, ensure that it has both UV protection and glare reduction.

#11 Toiletries - Don't forget to bring the must-have items for your hygiene and sanitation needs. It includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissue, wet wipes, and other toiletries.

#12 Water and Bananas - It is crucial to bring enough food for your camping trip. Consider the number of days that you will spend on the mountain. Water is vital for you to stay hydrated. Besides this must-have, it is also important to include bananas in your checklist. This fruit is ideal for keeping your electrolytes balanced. Bananas are rich in potassium that regulates your fluid balance, nerve signals, as well as muscle contractions.

#13 Whistle - Don't forget to bring a whistle on your trip. You can blow it to seek help if you get lost along the way, and you don't have any communication device. It is considered as a survival item that's why make sure that you have one around your neck. Another option is to keep it in a safe box that you can easily access.

Besides the list of camping items above, you can still add some important accessories that you think you need in the campsite. You can make use of organizers to sort the items and keep them organized. Try to pack the complete gear and accessories to make your camping activity more enjoyable.