What to Do on Your Next Beach Vacation

When it comes to beautiful beaches, Canada can offer you a lot of options. Whether you like near a mountain or forest, you will surely be overwhelmed with all the available beach destinations that you can find in the country. Many people prefer going to the beach. Besides having a good tan under the sun, there are plenty of exciting activities that you can do while at the beach. However, some of you might be in doubt about visiting the beach because of the cold weather. Since winter in Canada can last through late March and early April, there's a high possibility of experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Despite the cold weather, you still have a lot of activities to enjoy with your family. So if you have started planning for your beach vacation this month or in February, know that you have a list of activities to try.


10 Great Beach Activities


Whether you are in the city or a remote area, you can find a nearby Candian beach. Though there may be a few summer activities that you may not be able to do in the cold season, there's no reason you can't spend time by the beach. If you are fond of the beach, here are some recreation ideas that you can do:   


Build snow castles. During summer, your kids are probably excited about creating sandcastles along the shore. However, it is not possible during winter days since everything is covered by snow. If you can't build sandcastles, then you may switch to creating snow castles. Instead of using sand, you may use your creativity to sculpt castles, igloos, and anything you like. Make your vacation more exciting by asking your friends to have a snow castle building contest. Having a friendly competition like the one mentioned can give you fascinating memories and boost everyone's artistry. Don't forget to bring buckets, shovels, and other items that you can use to build the castles.


Create a bonfire. Who says fires are only made along the shores? Bonfires are used by winter campers to keep warm. You can also build one along the beach and gather your friends around it. The best time to do it is at night when you can sing your hearts out or share exciting stories. Since winter brings cold weather, bring warm blankets, hot drinks, and necessary items to keep the bonfire's flame. You can also delight in some snacks like marshmallows and prepare the classic s' mores for everyone.


Engage in shell collecting. The coast can give you many sea wonders, including shells of different sizes. Try to educate your children, especially if they are curious about sea creatures. For sure, they would love to know why shells come in a variety of colours and sizes. You can even collect some shells to keep a little memory of your beach trip.

Enjoy birdwatching. Visiting the beach allows you to watch different species of birds preying on sea creatures. You may relax on an inflatable lounger while enjoying bird watching. For wildlife enthusiasts, seeing how the birds naturally hunt for their prey is a fascinating view. See them how they dive for their food in the water.


Have a treasure hunt. Since there are fewer people who visit the beach during winter, you can take it as an advantage by playing a treasure hunt. Since there is less crowd, you will have ample time to explore the area and find interesting beach items. Don't forget to bring a bucket and something to break the ice when wandering the shore.


Have a picnic. In every food, delicious meals make a great gathering. If you will soon visit a beach and you are planning to camp there for days, make sure to prepare a menu for the whole trip. Bring easy-to-cook ingredients since not all campgrounds have the necessary amenities for cooking. You can also bring some goodies and snacks for your kids while having a fun picnic. 


Improve your photography skills. If you are a photography enthusiast, going to the beach is an excellent opportunity to take amazing shots. The sea offers a fascinating landscape that you can feature in your photograph. You may also wait for the sunset to come because it provides a magical scene. Sunsets burst a variety of colours in the sky, which are reflected in the beach waters. Grab this opportunity to photograph a picturesque view.


Play ball games. To keep you warm, you also need to have some exercise. You can do it excitingly by playing ball games. Be it volleyball or touch ball, you and your family will surely have fun while staying on the beach. Another thrilling game that you can play in is football. It gets even more fascinating when you use snow to change the game rules.


Read a good book. Going to the beach is a great way to unwind and relax. Engage in hammock camping and bring an interesting book that you can read while savouring the serenity of the place. You can read your favourite novel or try a new one from best-selling authors. 


Write a literary piece. The sea has inspired many writers and poets to create a masterpiece. The beach can give you the serenity you need to focus on literary writing. If you are fond of making literary pieces, going to the beach is recommended. Just hearing the relaxing sound of the waves or the beautiful sunset could be enough inspiration to create a novel or a poem. You can write while resting on a comfortable hammock, helping you unwind more.


Whatever the season is, you may still enjoy the beach and do a lot of exciting activities in Canada. Make sure to bring all your beach essentials the next time you visit a nearby Canadian beach.