10 Exciting Activities When Camping in the Rain

Rainy camping trips could be as amusing as camping during summertime. Though it may be challenging, there are still ways on how you can enjoy while camping in the rain. Aside from bringing all the essential items, you can also think of fun activities that you can relish on rainy days.


Rainy Day Activity Ideas

Many people love camping because it is an ideal activity for families to enjoy. However, you may find your camping trip stressful when raindrops start to fall. It is because it is quite challenging to explore the areas in your chosen campground. Besides, it is tougher to keep you and your family entertained since all you have to do is to stay inside the tent. Try to do the following activities to stay away from dull and boring moments:

 Dance in the rain. If you are willing to get wet, then you can dance your stress away while getting wet in the rain. You can play some good music and move your hips to your heart's content. Make sure not to spend a long time under the rain because you might catch some colds. Take a bath after soaking in the rain and change your clothes once done.

 Have an indoor treasure hunt. Another thrilling activity that you can do while camping in the rain is playing an indoor treasure hunt. It is ideal if you are using a camper van or a large tent where you can hide interesting items. Make sure to include everyone in the game. Don't forget to give them a treasure map which they can use in finding small treasures, be it snacks or useful items.

 Improve your penmanship and writing skills. Another ideal way to make the most out of your time is to improve your writing skills. Try to write a story, poem, or any form of writing you like. Writing can enhance your creativity by activating your brain functions. If you think that writing is not your forte, you can still try it by making a journal about your camping trip. Noting down your experiences is a simple way of improving your penmanship as well as documenting your camping memories.

 Listen to music. One ideal way to spend your time on rainy days at camp is to listen to some good music. You may lie down and put on your headset or earphones and play your favourite music. You can play whatever genre you like, from country to pop music. You can also use speakers so that your family and friends can sing along with you. Besides, listening to music has several benefits. One of these is it can improve your mood. Research shows that listening to music helps your brain in releasing dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that provides feelings of happiness and excitement. When you're happy, your stress levels also decrease.

 Read interesting books. Reading is a perfect way to idle away time. Take time to enjoy a good novel and let your imagination wander. Reading helps you spend time thoughtlessly. Who knows, the rain might stop just before you finish the story. Aside from it boosts your brain activity, it can also reduce your stress and anxiety. It is because reading distracts you from the present moment, getting rid of your tensions. Allow yourself to relax by going through a fascinating publication, be it a best-seller novel or an engaging article. You can also find reading more comforting by drinking a cup of healthy hot drinks.

 Use colouring books. If you have brought kids with you at the campsite, one way to keep them entertained is by using colouring books. Before going to the campground, try to print some nature-inspired colouring pages. Many children love to use art materials like crayons. Using colouring books is an excellent opportunity for your kids to show their creative side. Like reading, colouring also provides meditative benefits, lowering anxiety levels. Adults can also use colouring books to experience a different kind of fun and relaxation.

 Paint some stones. Collect stones of different sizes and paint them with any colour you like. Kids will surely love this simple but artistic craft. You may use neon or glow-in-the-dark paint. After drying the stones, you can put them around your tent and witness how they glow at night.

 Play a musical instrument. If you are knowledgeable about playing any musical instrument, then you can do it while waiting for the rain to stop. Your family and friends can sing along while you are playing your guitar or flute. Other instruments that you can easily carry at your campsite include ukulele, harmonica, and kalimba.

 Play some board games or card games. Both kids and adults will surely love to play board or card games. Chess, scrabble, and monopoly are some of the popular games that can stimulate your brain by increasing its cognitive function. These board games can improve your decision-making skills. Like board games, card games can also provide entertainment. Try to play Crazy Eights or Go Fish using a complete deck of cards.

 Watch a movie. One more activity that you can do in your leisure time at camp is to watch films. You may have a movie marathon of your favourite movies or explore other movie genres. Watching films is a perfect time to chill and relax. You can use your cellphone and a projector to create a small theatre inside your tent. You can also eat popcorn while watching a film to experience some cinema vibes.


There are many things that you can do at camp while waiting for the sun to shine again. The activities mentioned above are some of the numerous ideas that you can apply in your campground. Most of them are not just for entertainment, but they can also boost your creativity and improve your stress and anxiety.