10 Fun Things to Do When Camping at the Lake

Canada can provide you with lots of summer destinations where you can go camping. From mountains to beach areas, you might be overwhelmed with the availability of campsites. But aside from these places, the country can also offer you with lake campgrounds perfect for summer adventures. Before you plan your next camping trip, prepare some fun activities that can make your camping even more exciting.


Exciting Activities to Do in a Lake Camp

Assuming you are on the campsite already. The weather is good, and everyone is having fun. But how do you keep your family and friends entertained? For sure, it is quite challenging to think of fun activities randomly. So it would be better to plan before you proceed to the trip. Worry not because the following are some thrilling activities that will help you create incredible camping at the lake adventures:


#1 Catch and cook fish.


Fishing becomes more exciting when you cook the freshly-caught fish. There are many lake campgrounds where it is allowed to fish. You can find a variety of fish species that taste delicious when freshly cooked. Compared to the catch and release method, the catch and cook is a great way to delight in fresh food. Besides, newly grilled fish is a healthier alternative than eating preserved meat.


If you are considering fishing on the lake, make sure to bring the necessary gear, including the fishing rod. You can bring more than one rod so that you can do the activity with the kids. Fishing while listening to some good music could be a great bonding for the family.


#2 Catch fireflies at night.


Make the night time more exciting by trying to catch fireflies. Prepare a glass jar where you will put the fireflies. Chase them and find as many as you can. It is a fun activity for the kids. They will surely be thrilled to catch some fireflies and watch them glow in the glass jar.


#3 Chill and float.


If you want to rest after doing some thrilling activities, you may use an inflatable couch. You can find a wide range of inflatable couches online. But make sure to buy something that is durable.. Resting on the inflatable couch is the ideal while watching the beautiful sunset. You may call your loved ones and watch the vivid colours of the skies together.


#4 Enjoy sports activities.


Ask your family and friends to do some physical activities to keep everyone active and entertained. For sure, they will enjoy the sports activities since there are many options to choose from. Some of the fun sports that you can try include baseball, frisbee, kickball, lawn bowling, and soccer.


#5 Go stargazing.


Camping at the lake is also a perfect opportunity to go stargazing. If the weather allows it, you can gather with your loved ones and watch the sparkling stars together. You can drink a cup of coffee or tea while doing this activity. You can lie on the grass or rest in a hammock while viewing the night sky.


#6 Have a scavenger hunt.


While others are fishing or preparing the meals for everybody, you may host a  scavenger hunt for the kids or even to adults. Hide interesting items to different locations. The thrill of finding an item is a truly memorable experience. It is fun to do, but it also allows the participants to boost their problem-solving skills. To make everyone interested in the game, give a valuable prize to the individual or the team who can find the most items.


#7 Play fun games.


Aside from sports, you may also play some fun games. Not only are they exciting to do, but they also promote teamwork and family bonding. You may choose different types of games, from board games to card games, and active games. If you are chilling inside the tent, you may opt for board and card games like Uno, Chess, and Monopoly. But if you prefer outdoor and physical games, try Hide-and-Seek, Tag, and Red Rover.


#8 Sing along with your loved ones around the campfire.


One of the best ways to do before going inside the tent is to spend time around the campfire. Here, you can sing along, tell stories, or delight in some sweet treats. Hanging around the campfire brings a lot of memories, making your camping experience so much fun.


#9 Swing in a hammock.


Take some time to swing and relax in a hammock. Bringing one to the campsite is ideal because it is lightweight compared to tents. Besides, you can easily mount it between two trees. Anyone who wants to relax or lie down can use the hammock for relaxation. If you don't have a hammock, consider buying one because you can also use it for your other camping trips.


#10 Try aqua zorbing.


If you are bringing the kids to the campsite, they will surely love aqua zorbing. Before the trip, buy a large inflatable ball where the kids can go inside. Make sure that the ball is durable. During the camping trip, let kids go inside the inflatable ball and ensure that no water will get inside it.


Camping at the lake is fun and thrilling. It becomes more enjoyable when you do it together with your loved ones. When camping by the lake, most people go boating, fishing, and kayaking. Aside from these adventures, there are more exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy. From water adventures to sports activities, you can prepare as many activities to make everyone's camping at the lake trip more memorable.