7 Ideas to Surprise Her On Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a special occasion where almost all people around the world are celebrating love. It is one of the best days to make someone happy by expressing your love to that person - your mom, grandma, best friends, and even your mentors. Valentine's Day is not only for couples because it is all about showing your love to all the individuals you care for. Besides being with them on that yearly celebration, you can make it more meaningful by giving them a special gift. 


How to Surprise Her On Valentine's Day


If you are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with your mom or girlfriend, then you could think of creative ways to surprise them. Besides the material gifts that you can give them, there are also innovative ideas that you can apply to make Valentine's Day extra special. Other than offering them with the typical Valentine’s card, chocolates, or a bouquet of roses, here are some artistic ways to make Valentine's Day unforgettable for your loved ones:


#1 Cook her favourite dish. Aside from giving presents, eating together while sharing stories can make Valentine's Day a moment to remember. It may sound simple, but knowing that you remember her favourite dish and tried to cook is truly spectacular. Your mom or special someone will surely be impressed with the way you exerted effort. You can do it at your breakfast or dinner. In the morning, you may bring her breakfast in bed and accompany it with her favourite flowers. At night, you can have a candlelight dinner at home while listening to some romantic music.


#2 Have a vacation trip. Everyone deserves a relaxing vacation. Your special someone will truly appreciate it if you will surprise her with a vacation trip. It could be somewhere she has been dreaming of or anywhere where she has never been to. You may visit a beach and explore your adventurous side by trying a variety of water activities. Another option is to have a staycation on a mountain. Try dog sledding and skiing on the snowy mountain. When going on an outdoor trip, don't forget to bring a hammock, especially if you are also considering trying hammock camping.


#3 Go camping. Camping allows you to do many activities, keeping you and your loved one busy. It is an excellent bonding idea because it will enable you to visit breathtaking locations and try exciting activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and even stargazing at night. It is also a perfect idea to bring her to a campground where you can both see the enchanting northern lights. Try hammock camping as you and your partner view the night sky. For sure, she will be fascinated by spending the rest of the night with you while seeing those magical green streaks of lights. If you are camping where the aurora borealis is not visible, you can still enjoy watching the sparkling stars at night.


#4 Make a surprise visit. Are you living far from your parents' home? Or do you have a long-distance relationship with someone? If you do, then one of the best things that you can do to surprise her is to visit her this Valentine's Day. You may choose to give her a gift or ask her on a date. Do things spontaneously. Sometimes, having no plans could be a great plan because both of you will decide where to go or what to do. Try the things that you've never done before, like engaging in some extreme activities. No matter where you go, your mom or girlfriend will surely appreciate your effort to travel just to see her.


#5 Pamper yourselves. As adults, there are times when you only want to take a break from work. It is because some people still work during the weekends, limiting their time to enjoy several activities. You can use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to treat your mom, girlfriend, or wife to a spa salon. Try to book a couple of massages and pamper yourselves. Not only can it help you let go of your stress and anxiety, but you can also take it as an opportunity to reconnect with your partner through this unique bonding.


#6 Try something on her bucket list. If your partner has a list of activities that she would like to try, then you may take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to help complete her bucket list. For instance, she might want something to learn, be it baking, cooking, or riding a bike. Support her and learn together on this special occasion. There are many classes that you could take. Does she want to learn how to dance? What about attending voice lessons? Learning how to ski is also an excellent idea. Valentine's Day is not only about going on a date. It could be more like learning together. So make her happy this love month by following her bucket list.


#7 Throw a pool party. Make Valentine's Day an exciting one by throwing a fun pool party. Dance in loud music and play fascinating pool games. You can invite your pals and your girlfriend’s friends to the party, especially if they don't have plans for the occasion. Celebrating the love month could be merrier around with your friends. You could ever follow a particular party theme to make the pool party more exciting. Dressing up in neon colours is a perfect idea for night pool parties. Perhaps you could even go for a bohemian theme or a tropical one. You have numerous options to create a fun party that your partner will enjoy.


Aside from spending on flowers and chocolates, Valentine's Day could be more memorable by applying some creative ideas. For instance, you can give your loved ones eco-friendly gifts or treat them on a vacation trip. With an intent to make your mom, girlfriend, or wife feel special, they will surely be happy whatever your plan is. What's more important is to give effort and time when expressing your love to them.