Best Lake Campgrounds in Alberta

Camping is indeed fun and exciting. Not only is it an excellent form of family bonding, but it is also a great way of relaxation. You can do many activities at the campsite, from boating and fishing to hiking and mountain climbing. Aside from these thrilling activities, there are more recreations that you can do to unwind. Besides, you may choose to do family-friendly activities to help the kids have a wonderful camping experience. Alberta can provide you with a long list of available destinations perfect for solo or family camping.


Camping by the Lake


Alberta is one of the many Canadian provinces that offer a lot of breathtaking places. It is famous for the Canadian Rockies, where you can find majestic peaks, stunning lakes, and enchanted forests. Anyone seeking a memorable and exciting adventure can travel to Alberta. Besides, you may choose among the many available provincial and national parks ideal for camping.


If you are planning to venture in Alberta for camping, one thing that you should consider is the location. You have to decide whether you want to camp near a mountain or lake. But this spring season, you may consider camping by the lake so that you can also enjoy a lot of water activities. If you and your family could not visit a beach this past summertime, now is the best time to start creating an unforgettable camping trip.


The following is a list of the best lake campgrounds that you may consider. But since some of these places are still not open to the public, you can visit their website for online reservations. Doing so can help you make a smooth transaction for your next camping adventure.


Where to Go for Camping at the Lake


Alberta can share with you many of its ideal campsites. Since there are lots of them, picking where to go for your camping trip could be overwhelming. To help you decide, listed below are some of the best camping destinations in the Canadian province:


#1 Beauvais Lake Campground


First on the list in terms of Alberta's best lake campgrounds is Beauvais Lake Campground. It is situated approximately 20 km southwest of Pincher Creek. It is located in an admirable corner of the Canadian province. Travelling to this area allows you to see prairies and wetlands. You can make a stop-by and consider taking pictures of the scenic landscapes. Besides, you might find abundant wildlife breeding in the region. You'll be able to see deers, eagles, elks, geese, ospreys, and bears.


For the exciting activities, Beauvais Lake Campground offers birdwatching opportunities. You can lie down in a hammock and relax while watching a different species of birds available on the site. Moreover, the lake also offers excellent fishing opportunities to catch and prepare the freshly caught fish. If someone in your group knows how to canoe, you may try this fascinating activity.


#2 Canyon Campground


Canyon Campground is located in the heart of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The site is near Southern Alberta's Kananaskis lakes. Unlike other campsites, Canyon Campground doesn’t provide electrical and water supplies. But the place offers impressive scenic views that can leave any adventurer in awe. Besides, it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy camping that challenges you not to depend on comfortable amenities. Some of the activities that you can do here are boating, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.


#3 Chain Lakes Provincial Park Campground


Chain Lakes Provincial Park Campground is ideal for those who are seeking a mix of recreational activities. You can do hammock camping, hiking, boating, and fishing. This year-round campsite is located in the lovely area of Southern Alberta's foothills. It is situated approximately 125 km southwest of Calgary, which you can find along with Highway #22. What makes this campground an excellent choice for lake campers is the facilities available in the area.


Knowing what amenities are available can help you create a plan for your next trip. You don't have to bring camping items which you can find at the campsite. To help you plan, know that Chain Lakes has community kitchens, free firewood, water and sand-dump, and a boat launch. During the summer months, there is a lunch counter. These amenities attract many visitors every month. But the campsite guarantees that you can still experience a quiet and enjoyable camping trip.


#4 Hidden Cove at Maligne Lake


Another lake campground is the hidden cove that you will discover after paddling along the Maligne Lakeshore. Although you may not find excellent amenities, the place offers an astounding view of the Canadian Rockies. You can use the marvellous mountains as a beautiful background for taking portraits. The campground allows you to enjoy boating, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking.


#5 Kananaskis Interlakes Campground


Suppose you are torn between choosing a mountain or lake campground. You want to go hiking and go to a high place where you can have exciting photo opportunities. However, your heart is also screaming for some water adventures. If this is your problem, you may consider Kananaskis Interlakes Campground. It offers a beautiful selection of lakefront campsites that allow you to go canoeing, fishing, and hiking. When considering the area, make sure to bring a camera device because you will surely love to capture the mountain's beautiful peaks.


No doubt, camping by the lake is an enjoyable recreation. No wonder many adventurers make it a hobby by frequently going to the campsite. It is because camping is ideal for both solo and family adventures. Not only that but aside from camping itself, you can do other things that interest you. Camping at the lake is highly recommended, especially if you also want to enjoy water adventures.