How to Create The Best Bohemian Camping Experience

One of the most engaging ways to hang out and spend quality time with your friends is through camping. You can do this whenever you like as long as you have the time, be it on the weekends, holidays, or even during your semester's break. The good thing about this exciting activity is it provides several options for your camping needs.

You can do it indoors if there's bad weather or you don't feel like going out. On the other hand, it can be done outdoors, especially if you want to explore nature's beauty. You can also go camping at your house's backyard, your neighbourhood's park, or even at the music festival.

Whether you prefer tents or hammocks, all you need is full camping gear, and you're good to go. An exciting concept that you can apply in your camping activity is to add some Bohemian vibes. It is a simple and fun idea that you and your friends may enjoy.


What is Bohemian?

When you hear the word, "bohemian," what comes first on your mind? Maybe some of you associate it with fashion since there are some people whom you can see wearing bohemian style apparel. But besides this idea, the boho style is more than just a fashion craze. It is something that goes with a profound history and unique culture in the 19th century.

It is somehow incorporated in the hippie fashion of the 60s and 70s. Until now, bohemian fashion is a style that many people would like to associate with. Wearing loose-fitted clothes, nonchalant ornaments, and other casual accessories can give you a boho look. The tip is to wear something that is not too extravagant and can provide you with relaxing vibes. bohemian fashion allows you to be more creative and artistic when it comes to wearing clothes.


How to Achieve A Bohemian Camping

The best thing about bohemian style is you can also make it as a theme to your wedding, birthday, party, or even in simple activities like camping. If you are interested in creating boho camping, then here's a list of things that you may need and some tips to achieve this style:

Choose the main camping gear. When camping, one of the first things that you have to consider is the camping gear. You need to choose between a tent or a hammock. For camping tents, the recommended style is the teepee tent, which can match the bohemian style. It is a cone-shaped tent with a central pole that primarily acts as the tent support. Unlike other tent styles, it is easier to pitch because it only uses one pole. Since teepee tents don't have flooring, make sure to choose one with flooring. When selecting the colour of the tent, avoid neon colours. You may prefer pastel or neutral hues. For hammocks, you can purchase something that is commonly used in the beach - white-coloured and netted hammock or anything made of rattan.

Add some fabrics to make an extension. To create an extension outside your tent or create a cover for your hammock, you can tie some paracords from one pole to another. Once done, attach the fabrics that can act as a roof. You can make use of sheets, or even old clothes sewn together to save money. Again, opt for neutral hues to fit the bohemian style. You can also look for these materials: crochet, denim, lace, leather, and suede. However, it is recommended to use airy and lightweight fabrics when making the roof. Also, make sure that the roof is not too heavy to avoid the materials from falling.

Add some boho items. Since bohemian is an eclectic theme, which means you can add a variety of things that you need in your camping tent. Although you can have a mixture of things, make sure that you will still stick to the theme. To do it, choose the items that have both warm and cold colours. For instance, select a hue that has similar shades. If you pick blue, then also include sky blue, navy blue, turquoise, and the like. For the additional items that you can place inside your tent, try to bring some pillows and decorations like dream catchers.

Wear clothes like a hippie. You can complete the boho camping by wearing bohemian style apparel. For women who wish to wear tops, look for loose and relaxed fits, embroidered clothes, or mixed print designs. You may choose from half-length sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves. V necklines and off-shoulder tops also characterize boho fashion. For bottoms, you can choose from mixed-print skirts, flared silhouettes, and flowy skirts.

If you feel like wearing a dress, look for A-line cuts or dresses with bell or bishop style sleeves. Try to wear low cowboy boots or platform heels like gladiator shoes for the footwear. For the gentlemen, you may wear patterned shorts or trousers. You may also opt for rugged and ripped mid-blue jeans. For the tops, you can pick shirts with floral or animal prints.

Prepare some food and snacks. You need to prepare some food for your camping activity, either you will do it indoors or outdoors. To still stick with the bohemian theme, you may cook food or prepare snacks that even match this style. For the menu, you can choose anything that has pastel colours. Try having cupcakes, donuts, and a bowl of mixed fruits for dessert. You can choose from pink lemonade or strawberry-cucumber water for the beverages. Serve the drinks using mason jars to feel the boho vibes.


Camping is fun, and it can be more exciting when you add a twist to it. Picking a camping theme like the bohemian style is an ideal option if you want to create a memorable camping experience. As mentioned, the boho style is a mixture of things, so you can always use your creativity to make your camping more exclusive.