Staying at Home: 9 Ways to Be More Productive

The world is experiencing a difficult time now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both students and working adults are affected. Everyone is facing some struggles, but it should not be a reason to lose hope. There are several ways to adapt to what they call the "new normal." For instance, many businesses are considering remote operations to keep their employees safe while travel restrictions are still not lifted. People are encouraged to stay at home to keep themselves safe from the virus. However, there are lots of things that you can do to stay productive. Keeping yourself busy can help you remove your worries since you are focused on achieving your goals. So while staying at home, try to do things that can boost your productivity.

Tips to Stay Productive at Home

Some of you might be working at home or attending online classes. But there could be instances when you feel like doing nothing. When you lack motivation, your productivity level decreases, leaving your goals unaccomplished. If you want to attain your to-do list while staying at home, try to follow the helpful tips below:


#1 Create a pleasant workspace. Your workspace can also affect your mood while working. So try to keep your desk clean and friendly to the eyes to improve your mood. When you have a good feeling, you will feel more productive. You may also consider redesigning your workspace and adding some furniture that will provide you comfort. For instance, if you are studying a lesson or reading a module, you may do it while comfortably lying on a portable couch. You don't need to be stuck sitting at your desk all day. You may also follow an active lifestyle to improve your health.


#2  Create a schedule. Try not to overwork yourself by following a schedule based on your availability. Plan when is the best time to check emails or when to take the calls. Having a schedule helps you accomplish goals on time. It also enables you to prioritize which tasks are more critical. Don't forget to add distraction breaks. You can have some "me" time by doing the things that can help you relax. Perhaps, you might want to post a picture of yourself on Instagram or check your friends' messages on Facebook. Go on and have some fun during your break time.


#3 Do some simple exercises. Maintain a healthy lifestyle while accomplishing your tasks. Try to do some exercises in the morning before you work to keep a good flow of energy. You don't have to perform heavy exercises since there are light activities to keep you moving. Find some time to walk around your house and do things like going up and down the stairs. These simple exercises can boost your alertness since it increases your blood flow. Not only that, but exercising can improve your cardiovascular health.


#4 Focus on one goal at a time. If you have many tasks, don't stress yourself by trying to do as many things as possible. Keep calm and focus on one goal at a time. You can set priorities and decide whether to do a more manageable task or challenging ones. Either way, performing one task at a time can help you do more since you are avoiding stress. You can attain more goals by grouping similar jobs. Doing so can help improve your concentration since the level of difficulty is the same. Switching tasks can consume your time since you have to analyze how to accomplish them. So make sure to do similar things before turning to other types of tasks.


#5 Listen to an excellent playlist. There are people who feel more motivated to work when listening to music. Don't hesitate to do it if you think that it can make you more productive. Before working, create a playlist of songs that can soothe you. You may also consider your favourite songs or anything that will give you a push to do more.


#6 Meditate for a few minutes. Meditation is a proven way of helping the mind to be calmer. When you are not stressed, you can think of practical methods on how to work efficiently. You may try some simple meditative practices before, during, or after your work. Some people meditate early in the morning to set a good mood while others do it before sleeping. In meditation, you can choose your schedule, depending on your availability. You can enjoy the benefits if you make it a routine.


#7 Try working in the garden. Locking yourself at home could make you feel bored. You can avoid it by changing your workspace for some time. For example, you may choose to set-up a workstation in your backyard or garden. Seeing some greenery can help you unwind in some ways. You may also suspend a durable camping hammock for relaxation. Try to lie down in a hammock when you feel sleepy or if you want to take some break.


#8 Work as early as possible. Try to wake up early and do the things needed to be done as soon as possible. When you work early in the morning, you have a fresh mind to accomplish your tasks. It allows you to get the work done faster compared to working in the other times of the day.


#9 Celebrate your accomplishment. Whether you have finished your goals or not, try celebrating what you have accomplished. It is essential to recognize them so that you will feel motivated to work on the next day. Reward yourself by eating your favourite snacks or by doing the things you like.


There might be some people who are feeling unmotivated while working or studying at home. You don't have to feel that way. Know that there are different ways on how you can spark your motivation and increase your productivity level. From creating a schedule and adding breaktimes to redesigning your workspace, you can do anything that makes you feel comfortable to keep productive at home.